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Are you going to miss any of your friends?

Yes T_T 0.61818181818182 61.8% [ 34 ]
No ^_^ 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 5 ]
Maybe :/ 0.2 20.0% [ 11 ]
Let me tell you why... 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 55 ]
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Beth Phoenix23
Beth Phoenix23
I'm not really going to miss my friends. I was always an independent person. I dont really like to be alone but I have had my fair share of fake friends. I'm going to miss my friends a little.

I agree with this 100%.
I got signed off and finished college officially today, and am starting a full time job next week.
Because of college and getting into a relationship I've had to become a lot more independent (:

Congrats on all of the accomplishments. It's good to have friends, but I have to sort out the good from the bad. Sadly, there's very few friends that I actually talk to.

*hugs back*
Thank you, It's taken some time to get this far. And some of my friendships have suffered, but some of my friends have changed into people that I'm struggling to recognise and I'm becoming a mature person that doesn't want to deal with that any more, sounds harsh but they've messed me around amongst other things and I have other things to worry about rather than that /:
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I miss them sure, but I still try and keep in touch.
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Prescription Joker
not exactly a "cure" if it comes back now is it?

well maybe not exactly "cure" but they were kinda numbing it.....i dont know if "numb is the right word but yea.... i used to be always said it hurt me i didnt want to do anything with anyone and i didnt want to smile..... then they came along and finally made be sort of happy.....
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Just graduated college, which means I'm going to have to leave my best friend behind and go get a job. We've been best friends since high school. Some people just stay with you, no matter how bad things get...

congradulations on graduating and im sorry you have to leave your best friend behind but since you guys are friends you should keep in touch biggrin you each should try giving 50/50 to try to keep your friendship alive!!!
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Im graduating TOMORROW.. and its so sad how we all r going to different high schools.. crying

im sorry to hear tht and congradulations on graduating tomorrow 3nodding . isometimes ill juss think of them near my heart so they kinda will never leave me or my thoughts. it makes me happy to think one day ill probably see them again!!!
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crystal lies
I'm going to miss all my friends. All of us would be going to different high skoolz. T^T

awwsssss im so srry 2 here tht *hugs*
yeah its sad cuz im ganna miss all my friends too we are going to different high schools and it sucks i wish i could be there to help my friends out i could help you but idk what the heck that is
I still see my high school friends all the time :3
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evry1 who graduated from my school is going to a different school!!! FTW

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