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class of 2011: what are you thinking about for after graduation?

Straight into the workforce 0.059701492537313 6.0% [ 4 ]
Military 0.059701492537313 6.0% [ 4 ]
Community college 0.059701492537313 6.0% [ 4 ]
4-year college 0.37313432835821 37.3% [ 25 ]
Oh hell I don't know 0.14925373134328 14.9% [ 10 ]
Something else 0.029850746268657 3.0% [ 2 ]
I'm not class of 2011 0.26865671641791 26.9% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 67 ]
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im not scared of no college! xD
SENIORS!!!!! C/O 2011
I don't know how America is, but in France the system was completely self-taught. You go to the first class, which is a lecture, the teacher professor dumps a Powerpoint with everything he can tell you, noone understands s**t, then he dumps a bunch of copies and says "here are the copies, you dipshits, study and I'll see you on exam day". All the rest of the classes are only for answering questions you had while studying. gonk

I found this ******** difficult because college in Mexico is pretty much a continuation of high school, the teachers use the same method, being the only difference that you have more assignments.
Well I am not quite ready to face the world all by myself just yet so I am panning on commuting to a two year college thats a 30 minute drive from my home town.......and taking advantage of concurrent enrolment THIS year. I hope by the end of 2 years I will have decided a major and will then choose a college according to my major.
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J.P. Chartreuse
I really dont know.. College is a lot for me to think about, since my family is pressuring me into going, but my grades aren't fantastic.. I'm artistic.. in a way.. so I may go to college for graphic design and english stuff.. probably psycology too, that's what I'm interested in. (:
Hey, I'm a psych major. (:

Are you thinking of going first to community college and transferring?

Awesome, psychology is a really interesting course.. I love it
Yeah, I'm thinking community college seems like the best option at this point (:
J.P. Chartreuse
Talk to me! Where are you looking? What are you thinking of studying? What's important to you in a college? What are you going to write about in your essay?

I know it seems early to be thinking about some of this stuff, but trust me, the earlier you get excited about your applications and your next four years, the better off you'll be!

(I got in everywhere I applied, including the top 10 university at which I'm a rising senior, and I like talking about college admissions and shopping and stuff more than is healthy. This may become a sort of awkward advice thread.)

Where do you go to school?!
what are you thinking of doing for the rest of your life?
i hate all the tests they suck
i thought collage or university would be fun.
well the one good thing is no parents
unless you are going to a school close to home
so yea it has its ups and downs
well ima leave now good luck in everything... peace heart

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