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a whole frickin weeK!!!! gonk
oh yeah...we had two practices...each lasted about an hour...luckily no one skipped out and no one screwed up smile
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About 3 hours. Our ceremony lasted an hour total. We had about 250 kids in our graduating class.
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two hours, but i had a graduating class of 34, so we didn't need much longer.
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One day in which we spent 3-4 hours!
an hour or so

About four days.
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we just did it after our first period exam for less than an hour
then we had a picnic 3nodding

My school DOESN'T practice. Our graduation/commencement is in October of the following school year!

I don't remember if my school practiced or not. Maybe once a few days before.
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Ah, the lack of practice from the juniors (who the seniors had to pass the flags to) who never showed up was very apparent, as they simply stood there when they were supposed to walk to the side of the stage and put the flags in their holders. (me and the other senior flag holders practically had to shove them over there.)
Took us three days.
Practiced one go through the Wednesday before, and then another at the actual concert hall the morning of (Friday). I was near the front, so dunno exactly how it went, but we were probably fine.
my graduation was pretty hectic, i mean we practiced for 3 days as well, but at the last minute, the seating charts changed and we had no idea where we were sitting, luckily, we were pretty good Drama students so we knew about improvising, so we decided to just leave it how it was before they changed it(:
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my school practiced for 3 days and the first practice lasted for 2 hour (which i got kicked out of cuz i didnt want to stand next to this hobo lookin kid Dx) but on graduation day my friend fell down the stage as we were leaving xD!

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we practiced for three or four hours on the day of, we had 300-ish students and two people didn't show up, guess who didn't get their diploma that night???

Our school prides itself on the graduation ceremony for some odd reason

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