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Title says it all.

My class practiced for a grand total of three days. A third to half of the people who were supposed to show up never did for each day, so you know that the ceremony is going to be a mess. (we'll find out tomorrow, huh?)

Now Gaians, what about you?
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took one day of practice and one guy was so high he ran off when we were in the middle of practice, which screwed everyone up.
o-o about an hour... xD Which was evident at the graduation sweatdrop
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We really just practiced one day. xd
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Same here. We practiced the day of graduation for maybe three hours or so.
hahahaha xD
we practiced for an hour
then they gave us a picnic
end result= a very disorganized graduation ceremony
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My school DOESN'T practice. Our graduation/commencement is in October of the following school year!
Ha ha, we practiced for about an hour... it went surprisingly well. If people didn't show up for practice, they didn't get to graduate so everyone was pretty prompt. xd
as far as i know, we didn't practice at all, so i'll be in the dark. D:
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We don't practice and it all went ok! They just have the school staff as like ushers and everything ends up just fine!
Our Senior class spent less than an hour practicing the day before graduation.
my class practiced for about two hours for about a week it went well biggrin

      A day before the graduation ceremony for two hours.
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Practiced around 2 weeks, it was worth doing it since I am in a catholic Middle school so heh.


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