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Will Finn and Rachel actually end up getting married? Or not?

Yes, of course they'll get married. 0.23684210526316 23.7% [ 9 ]
Still to be determined. 0.42105263157895 42.1% [ 16 ]
No, they'll break up right before graduation. 0.18421052631579 18.4% [ 7 ]
Uhm, who cares? 0.15789473684211 15.8% [ 6 ]
Total Votes:[ 38 ]
There's been a lot of debates about this, and quite a few developments in the Finchel storyline. So, will they end up staying strong and getting married? Or will they break up before the end of the season/beginning of the next?

I personally think they'll get married. They've been through so much, and been together for so long, I see no reason for them not to lol.
They will break up. Thats how the show works.
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Its a forgone conclusion for me that they'll break up. Whether or not they get married first is yet to be determined.
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I like Glee, don't get me wrong, but Finn and Rachel's relationship kinda ruined the show. Because it's all, "Oh no, they're going to breakup! WAIT, LETS GET MARRIED". The whole thing is stupid.
They may get married but maybe it'll be after college... that seems to be the only thing threatening their relationship right now ><
I totally hope they do get married! They are the best couple on glee so far. heart
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I think it depends on when the wedding is scheduled. In popular TV series, they tend to follow a general trend for relationships between main couples. Not together at start of the season, are together by the end, next season they break up part way through and get back together by the end. Sometimes they give them an extra short period together or mix it up a bit by having the season end with them not together so the audience is eagerly awaiting the new season in hopes that they will get back together.

For examples, see Ross and Rachel in Friends or JD and Eliot in Scrubs.

It was clear the wedding would not go ahead when it was in the middle of the season, however, it could be that if it is in one of the very last episodes of the season then the characters will go through with it. Whether or not they manage to stay together is a different matter. If the whole series was ending, definitely, as there is a fourth season planned their is more doubt. If Finn and Rachel were no longer in the show then their continued relationship would almost be assured unless the writers run out of ideas for an episode or two. As it is, I imagine we will just have to watch the other relationships on the show to give us hints.

Glee is an optimistic show, I doubt they want to upset the viewers by telling them that High School relationships can't work out. The writers also want to promote a more realistic idea of love and remind people that it isn't the end just because you met in High School. Therefore, I am guessing most of the relationships will be kept. Kurt and Blaine have already acknowledged that their relationship is going to be harder but they appear to be equipped to deal with it; they are not rushing into anything, their relationship is quite slow. I am unsure about some of the relationships such as Brittana, any possibilities of Samcedes of Jo/Quin etc, however, if Tina and Mike start to face some problems once Mike graduates then I think Rachel and Finn will stay together rather than there being two dramas at once.

Anyway, I suppose I am saying that I have yet to make up my mind. In addition to that, I am struggling to work out where Wemma and their marital status fits into this, a curve-ball from them could throw my whole theory off.
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We will get married =) Im going to wear a wedding ring at nationals

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