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Quinn 0.12992125984252 13.0% [ 33 ]
Finn 0.039370078740157 3.9% [ 10 ]
Rachel 0.14173228346457 14.2% [ 36 ]
Lauren 0.22834645669291 22.8% [ 58 ]
Puck 0.015748031496063 1.6% [ 4 ]
Santanna 0.039370078740157 3.9% [ 10 ]
Brittany 0.015748031496063 1.6% [ 4 ]
Mike 0.039370078740157 3.9% [ 10 ]
Tina 0.05511811023622 5.5% [ 14 ]
Others 0.29527559055118 29.5% [ 75 ]
Total Votes:[ 254 ]
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rachel. sure, the club needs her cuz shes talented, etc...but she has a terrible, selfish personality i just cant stand.

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Ruthless Darling

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I pick Finn. For the male lead he really isn't that great a singer...or even dancer like mentioned in tonight's ep. The girls have to fight for solos but the boys don't see a problem with Finn automatically winning the male parts? Can you say double standard?
Bubble Shark
I would actually boot Lauren. She makes Puck lame.

omgosh you're right! Lol, Puck started to loose his appeal to me for some reason and it coincided with him liking Lauren

(But personally I wouldn't boot out Lauren b/c I kinda like her, I pick Quinn, only b/c she's my least favorite of the glee club members, I'd be sad if anyone else left).
sam, jesse, or lauren
Blaine, I don't like that character.
Lauren because i still have a bit of hope for Puck and Kurt romance.
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Lauren... She Cant Sing!
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you can't kick out anyone, because they are all vital to the team
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I would kick out sue shes just mean and rude to kurt I hate sue sooooooooooooo much

I just can't stand people
who b***h about cannon
pairings and try to force
a ship with the least likely
character, so it's more the
fans that irritate me than

I like that they used him
to shed a light on bullying,
and his actor is sweet,
but he isn't a very needed
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Other, and by other, I mean Will. And if he ends up staying on Broadway like all the major hinting last episode suggests, I won't miss him.
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Gai Ketoji
Mike. Even when the other characters get annoying they serve a purpose to the plot and have their own story arc. Mike however is just there to dance and say the word asian every five seconds. Worst of all he dragged Tina down with him ever since they got together off-screen.

I disagree with Mike having dragged Tina down. Tina was never "up". Sure she featured more when she was dating Artie, but that was because of Artie.The focus of that relationship was Artie and Tina was just along for the ride, in terms of screen time. If Tina never got together with Mike after breaking up with Artie, we'd be seeing even less of her, because there wouldn't even be asian jokes.
I hate Finn more than Rachel now... weird. Probably because he's such an a*****e to both Quinn and her.
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Liberal Fatcat

Quinn. She hasn't done a lot of supportive things for the Glee club for fear of her own image being ruined.
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Quinn, definitely. Then Puck.

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