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Kurt or Finn?

kurt 0.85714285714286 85.7% [ 6 ]
Finn 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 1 ]
Total Votes:[ 7 ]
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Loving Annabell
stupid kurt he sucks scream

how dare you.... you do know by that u could get arrested rolleyes
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You keep making a lot of generalizations, so watch out there.
Everybody in this show is so over the top that it is obviously not supposed to be taken as offensive, and if you feel so strongly about Glee and Kurt in particular, then perhaps it's time to find something else to watch.

Hey now, I love the show. It's just that the only thing I don't like about it is how they handle the homosexual characters. Just because I don't like a few characters doesn't mean I should go out of my way to watch reruns of CSI instead. There's always something about any show or movie or what have you people will have a problem with, that doesn't mean they hate the entire thing.

xxxxxxxx______________________________ . . .

I just think that perhaps you're being a bit too sensitive to the way that Kurt is handled only because you see it as making your life harder. Gay and lesbian characters are still growing in television and movies, especially prime time like Glee, you can't expect everything to be perfect. If something is meant to be funny, sometimes you have to drop your pearls and learn when to laugh. In all honestly, they treat the homosexual characters exactly like they treat every other character.
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well kurts not THAT bad even tho he DID kinda scare me @ first
i mean he's helping finn so... hes not a bad guy?
plus hes prty gud @ singing razz
Loving Annabell
stupid kurt he sucks scream

Hey! Kurt's not stupid. He's the funniest character in gLee. He's so awesome.
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He's not that bad.
Delia Dennis x
Why do you hate him ?? could it be the fact that he is gay perhaps ?? Predjudice much... just because he is defferent than you dosent mean he is anything less than you. So think about if you were gay and people said they hated you yet you were a great person... now that wouldent be right would it stare

i like kurt really

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