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i think she has idk
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...Well that's annoying. I always assumed 'Volume 1' just meant they were releasing the series in terms of 'volumes' not 'series'. They've pulled a Doctor Who on us! I am not pleased.
How far along is she supposed to be? If you have ever known a pregnant girl all throughout her pregnancy you would know that some girls don't start showing until around four months or so.

Both of my sisters didn't look pregnant until the middle of the fourth month, and one was even able to hid her pregnancy when wearing certain clothing.

Maybe someone on the show pointed out that Quinn shouldn't be as large as she was so soon, so they did a little retconning and scaled her bump down a little.
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She probably looked more pregnant at the end of the first half because they weren't sure they were coming back. They didn't find all that out until afterwards. Now that they know they'll be back for more, they can drag it out. They've shown clips from later in the season where she definitely is showing, and you can see a small baby bump in most of the shots. Plus she's wearing big tops.

Also, the reason Season 1 is broken up like it is is because they didn't know if they were being picked up again and they didn't want to make people wait until the summer to see the first 13 episodes again, so they released it in time for Christmas. They'll probably do a Volume 2: Road to Regionals and maybe even a whole big Season 1 set with extra stuff.

Season 2 isn't until the fall.
well....yea i was wondering about that xD and its still Season 1 its called "back nine" the episode 14-22....in another forum is called those that....since its the first season the network only bought 13 eps if its good enough they buy another 9 eps...hence
"back nine"
It's still on season one.
Go google 'glee episodes' and check out the wiki link. they have the airing dates and all that. Also I haven't seen the latest episode T.T
maybe they just forgot to attach her babybump. LOL.

I think quinn's only a few months now... in the second trimester maybe?
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Well considering it's a fantasy scene, they don't need Quins stomach. I doubt Sue would imagine Quin pregnant during the scene. Though, the Madonna fantasy was still hilarious!

Just a today
i don't think so but i do agreed it was CONFUSING! but i loveee glee! heart
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i think the most sensible thing people have thought of is that it was a daydream and so in the daydream Quinn doesn't have a baby bump 3nodding
well actually in the Power of Madonna episode,in that number.um with all the girls (which i can't remember,sorry.)Quinn didn't have her baby bump because it was a "Dream Sequence" which means theres no need for it.In the numbers like Like a Virgin are an example of a Dream Sequence.:]
and wait I thought she was, like, wearing clothes that "hide the baby bump perfectly."

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