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I got to see the premiere showing so I know most of you haven't seen it yet so I'll try not to put any spoilers.

This was a great episode and a great opener for future episodes. With more romance, drama, music, and actors! In this episode they introduce two new characters, Shelby Corcoran and Jesse St. James. Shelby Corcoran is played by Idina Menzel who's been on broadway for musicals like Rent and Wicked who she co-starred in with Kristin Chenoweth who also guest starred on Glee as April Rhodes (in the show, Will brings April back to finish high school to be in Glee club. She sings a couple songs like "Last Name" ). She also appeared in the movie version of Rent and the Disney movie Enchanted. Jesse St. James is played by Jonathan Groff. Jonathan Groff is also a broadway star and has worked with Lea Michele (who plays Rachel Berry) before.

This episode also brings in great new music by some classics like The Beatles, Neil Diamond, AC/DC, and Lionel Richie. Also of course, All-American Rejects, who's song is a part of the inspiration for the title of this episode.

The new relationships and budding romances brings new drama which leaves me wanting more!

If you haven't seen this episode yet: Are you excited for the premiere?

If you have seen it:
- What do you think about the new romances? Who do you want to be together and stay together?
- Do you like the new characters and do you want them to stay?
- What did you think of the episode overall?
- Are you excited for more episodes?

P.S. If you actually read this and respond, THANK YOU! lol I don't really expect anybody to read or comment so if you do you're the greatest person in the world xd even if you're a hater.. well maybe hahah.
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hehe! i'm replying. smile

you're lucky you get to watch it! i can't wait! it's tonight! *so much exclamation points show how excited i am smile * aside from being a Gleek, am also a huge fan of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth. it's quite sad that they didn't get to work together again meaning no Wicked reunion (and no Chenzel!). but at least, even if Idina didn't sing in Hell-O, she gets to sing in another episode. i know there are 2 confirmed episodes for her but since she's the coach of VA, who knows if she'll pop in another. wink

Ok, So is Lady Gaga Going to be in Glee eek
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Ultimate Frisby

Ok, So is Lady Gaga Going to be in Glee eek

no. they're just doing a GaGa episode: Glee Does GaGa
OMFG start a petition are soming I love lady gaga. .
Pleaseeee . . . eek
ava jean: hahah i was thinking about Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth getting together and doing a duet or something too. I'm kinda disappointed she isn't going to be in a lot of episodes but if she's on the show she has to sing at some point.

Ultimate Frisby: lol lady gaga is good but i think that'd be awkward if she was on glee lmfao

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