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Okay I don't understand this end of the season thing was terrible there are 3 good reasons why!
1. Rachel just left finn on a train at the very end and didn't get married
2.Kut didn't get in and we have no idea what is going on with him
3.What is hapining with the rest of glee

I think the writer needs to go into more detail crying crying
OMG Krissi
It is really hard for me to believe Brittany got held back. I don't think you could be allowed to cheer lead and be senior class president with a GPA of 0.0, and yes I get the fact she is slightly slow but not THAT slow. In real life the school would have made calls home or done more to help the student if they got that far behind, heck even before that.

As for the Kurt and Rachel stuff I am just surprised. I certainly did not see that it could take a turn the way it did. When I was watching them open the letters and he said he didn't get in... my mouth dropped.

For Rachel and Finn I knew something was up when Finn was sitting in the room telling his mom he felt like he still had something to prove about his father being discharged the way he was. As soon as the scene ended I was thinking "Well he is going to try to go into the army." At the end of the show I wasn't surprised that they didn't get married. Part of me feels like the writers just didn't want it anymore.

I personally didn't like the way the season ended. I kind of wish they would have ended it at Nationals, or make it as upbeat as it was. Saying goodbye could have been upbeat if they would have made it that way.

In real life, Rachel wouldn't have gotten into NYADA after choking just because she cried a few times, but whatever. GLEE has never been even close to realistic regarding the "school" atmosphere.
is glee good never seen it

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