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I feel like a piece of my soul is missing. crying Although it was a flop for a little all in all I loved the episode and it wasnt all bad cuz now i know that we will have to see the characters in the future and I enjoyed the episode, but not as the last episode.

...so this way we can follow all the characters, but Rachel becomes a "recurring guest star" without us having to deal with her drama weekly.
Neon Skyyy
I feel like a piece of my soul is missing. crying Although it was a flop for a little all in all I loved the episode and it wasnt all bad cuz now i know that we will have to see the characters in the future and I enjoyed the episode, but not as the last episode.

...so this way we can follow all the characters, but Rachel becomes a "recurring guest star" without us having to deal with her drama weekly.

Actually, the format for next season has been revealed (although the creators still maintain the right to change it). They're doing a split narrative, focusing on the characters in New York AND the characters left in Lima, but they're going to be splitting things up by episode, having one episode in Lima, the next in New York, etc. Characters will likely crossover from one location to the other fairly frequently, but there will not be one place that is the main focus, with everybody not there acting as guest stars.

Honestly, this form just sounds like it's going to be a complete mess, but whatever glee. do what you've got to do.
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Neon Skyyy
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dammit dude they didnt got married......

...so did NOT see that ending coming...

I'm right there with you. I was just sitting there in awe..
But I like the way they did it.
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I didn't read anything that anybody else posted because I'm really not in the mood for all that.
But I have to say I was so pissed that Kurt and Fin didn't get it, but Rachel did. like, WTF? really... I was happy for her and all, but I'm also real sick of her getting everything all the time.
I liked the effect of fin not getting in was him sending her away because it really would of her to be stupid to stay.
& I was confused as to why Blaine wasn't in the room with Fin, Rachel, and Kurt..like yeah I get that he's a junior but if you think about it in the fact that Rachel had her man there for support, but Kurt didn't?? and on top of that they didn't even have a scene with Kurt telling Blaine that he didn't get in.. their relationship is obviously excluded all the time.
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Gawd, this episode was so dramatic I am on the verge of tears. Most of the characters we've learned to love/loathe...gone.

I have a whole mess of opinions...You don't HAVE to read this I just needed to vent somewhere.

Alright about Rachel getting in and Finn and Kurt not getting in. That was some pretty heavy s**t. When I found out that Kurt didn't get in I wanted to flip some tables. I mean WTF...when that happened I felt like someone jabbed their finger into my eye socket. The stupid lady *cough*forgivemeWhoopiGoldberg*cough* even said he was extremely talented and was totally AWED by his performance!! It's just not fair...he should have got in he worked EVERY ******** bit as hard as Berry did. And with Finn...the whole thing about him wanting to be an actor really confused me. I mean, when the HELL in the entire show (other than the last like 3 episodes) did he show any signs of an aspiring actor. Nowhere. Seriously, I just feel like they couldn't think of anything better to do with him which is really just pathetic. I kind of feel like he didn't want to be an actor THAT bad but i still felt dreadful when he didn't get in...my heart went to mush. Now for Miss Rachel Berry aka Glee Club's PRINCESS. The minute she opened her letter...I KNEW she was going to get in. Why? OBVIOUS reasoning. If she DIDN'T get in, lord knows what me and all those fangirls would do to the tables of America. I feel glad she got in but at the same time I am really pissed off. She gets EVERYTHING every time. Poor Kurt's been picked on since day one and Finn is pretty much Rachel's bodyguard/handbag holder (in my opinion of course). She's a good character who is SERIOUSLY a pain in the a** that we've all grown to love but something in the bad of my mind is telling me that it's just NOT fair to everyone else.

Now for the whole "marriage end" thing. It was so sad and dramatic and UGGGGHH I loved it and hated it at the same time. Their relationship is so complicated and annoying and amazing...so when the wedding was called off I was pretty sad for them. But the whole wedding thing wasn't what REALLY made me sad (considering I felt they were WAY to young to get married anyway). What made me sad was...FINN. OH GAWD FINN. He set her free not because he didn't love her but because he wanted her to follow her dreams and he didn't want to way her down. HE'S JOINING THE MOTHER ******** ARMY. The army for crying out loud! That was the most heartbreaking thing ever. I wanted to curl up and die somewhere when he said he had to set things right for his dad. SO TOUCHING. Man, just thinking about that makes me depressed. After all of this Finchel crap..they split up. WHYYYY?

I shall add on to this RAGE later when I have time. Sorry for messing up your topic.
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Just so you know, this would never happen in real life. If you choke, you audition again. It really is insulting to all the people (including Kurt, and real-life people like myself) who audition over and over again in hopes of making it big. I'm actually really pissed right now. If Murphy needed another chance to make us hate Rachel, he used it here. But whatever, Rachel gets what she wants and is still ******** pissy because "Saint Finn" and her have to follow different paths. Now, whenever she gets rejected, she knows that all she has to do is b***h and cry to get her way. wIt was obvious how their relationship would end. Rachel's all about Rachel, and so is Finn. Relationships like that don't usually last.

I completely understand why it might be infuriating to people who are trying to make it in that business, but I disagree. And with Rachel, she chases after what she wants and she's demanding about it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Sure, it's unrealistic, but it's a little bit inspiring. And if you were losing your high school boyfriend the day you were supposed to get married, wouldn't you be upset?
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....I have to say one thing- God damnit Burt, marry me and be the dad of my babies.
He's such a god damn good father.

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Hey I'm sorry as much as I had emotional feelings for most of the episode, it was the most anticlimactic episode I've ever seen in my life!

Kurt didn't get into NYADA
Rachel did even though she choked
Brittany didn't graduate ( I know she's kind of slow but I mean really?)

and that last 15 minutes? I want an hour of my life back and as I'm typing this I'm really sad considering I've been a fan of Glee since episode one , just so you know.
It's all about RB I'm kinda sick of it and she will be there next season too.. awesome they should just make a Rachel freaking Berry Show
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UGH and the fact that Rachel was going to do like the first selfless thing she's ever done but no Finn and everyone made sure that couldn't happen lol gotta love how everything always works out for her
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Is there going to be another season?
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I agree I slept through it.
It was genuinely one of the shittiest episodes of Glee to date.
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This was the WORST episode I have ever seen of glee. >.<

I cried like a baby when they graduated, but was pissed off that Britney didn't, I mean COME ON!!!!!

I bawled nonstop when Rachel and Finn went their separate ways. I was really glad that Rachel got into NYADA, but when Kurt didn't I started crying(i'm emotional... xD)

I've been of fan of glee for as long as I can remember, but that last episode could of changed my mind. I don't know if i'll watch season 4, due to the seniors graduating... :/
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I was upset that Rachel got accepted, and how unrealistic her getting another chance was. But I was happy that she was willing to give it all up to support Kurt and Finn. I thought it was awesome that Finn made her go to N.Y. to fulfill her dreams because it IS what she's always wanted. It sucks rocks that Kurt didn't get in though, WTFreak!!!!! He did AMAZINGLY AWESOME in his audition, how the heck didn't he get in?!?!?!?! But yeah to the comments above, I guess he'd be an amazing fashion designer, but they should have shown him crying after he didn't get in, on his dad's shoulder! crying I got teary eyed when he didn't get in. I really thought Puck was going to fail for sure, I would have wanted to see more of him in the next season. I guess it will show us what he ends up doing after high school though. Hope they keep it inspirational and not stupid xp

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