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she seriously looked a hot mess...
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Dea Nyx
Dea Nyx
Taylor Swift....really? God No....

YAY I COMPLETELY AGREE. i really don't understand all of the hype around taylor swift. she's just not that impressive.

Mhmm that's for sure. There are artists out there that have way more talent than her and they don't get acknowledged nearly as much. She's massively overrated.

I think it's basically her look. Isn't it always, though? I mean, who cares about how well you perform if you're nice to look at... rolleyes

yall chill out! Take a step back and look at it from my point of view. It doesnt have to be about the way she looks or singings, she could be some hobo on the side of the road!! The lyrics to her songs gets to everybody. She sings about the truth just like Lil Wayne and Drake rap about life and how it is. She is Americas's sweetheart not because of her voice or look but, who she helped this year. Didnt you see the Teen Choice Award? If you havent go look it up and explain to me how she isn't a sweetheart. She stepped out of her perfect world, bc she has everything, to help others around her. Now who that your talking about is more impressive (in the helping aspect than her).

there are other artists and people out there who have done things as impressive, if not more so, than her, but have not gotten near as much media attention as she has. i'm not saying that she's not a sweet girl and I don't hate her - I respect what she's done - but I really think that her image has a lot to do with her popularity, and the media feeds off of that.

You have got a point. But some people just do good things to get fans back on their side.. Like if they just get out of jail they go to all these charity things and donate money.Im just saying that she is good all around. It isnt just her look on the media either, its her past. She used to be bullied and look where she is now, she could just be living the dream, but instead she is choosing to share her dream with everyone, and helping people in need.

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