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I've been hearing talk of fans that won't watch the show after most of the original cast leaves...so I was wondering how many Gaians felt the same way and why?
I've been hearing talk of fans that won't watch the show after most of the original cast leaves...so I was wondering how many Gaians felt the same way and why?

I'm still going to watch it smile But since a lot of the cast is leaving, I guess a lot of ppl won't watch it cuz the cast members who are leaving were the first ppl who started glee and now they're leaving it to some new people who have no experience what so ever as to how glee should be incorrperated the way the leaving cast did with their hard work and effort. But I'm still going to watch it because I love glee first of all and I think it's a good thing that fresh new talent will be revealed and it'll be worth my time getting to watch new people create their own face on glee smile
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Im one of the glee fan that has followed the show season the start. I while give the show a chance for the new season, but its hard to change and see the people that have grown on you and have taught you so many lesson that went with your life its hard to say goodbye. I mean they are the reason i was able to stand the hardships of soical high school since my freshman year i am currently a junior and while be a senior soon but i guess with all the lesson they also taught that new things are sometimes good.
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I might quit watching if everybody was leaving, neutral but since a few aren't, I'm not going to quit.

Also, Blaine's not leaving, and he's my favorite, so that helps as well. 3nodding
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I don't see any reason why I would stop watching. Unless the show just gets totally shitty... but it can do that even if all the cast were to stay. Cast leaving won't change my opinion on if I will watch or not.
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I still intend on watching. Yes, I'm heartbroken (seriously, I might have been in tears when I was listening to the songs from the graduation album) that a lot of the original cast is leaving and it is, in a sense, coming to an end, but some of my favourite characters will still be there, so I'm going to at least give it a shot. Glee's made too big of an impact on my life for me to just give it up.
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I was actually pretty excited to see some *cough* Rachel and Finn*cough* leave, before I fund out most of them would still be featured. So, yeah I'll still watch, but most of the cast isn't leaving. In fact, I believe none have been confirmed as not returning next season.
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I'm probably one of the few fans who are genuinely excited for some "fresh meat" on the show. Honestly, season 3 has become frustrating for me, because they storylines have become so...overplayed. I'm tired of Finchel drama, and Quinn trying to "find herself", among others. I'm really excited to see what RIB has planned for the newbies, and what sort of struggles they'll have to face.
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I'm sad that some of them aren't going to be there as much but I'm looking forward to seeing some new characters and new story lines. Some of the story lines they've had going over last season and this season have just got repetitive - oh I'm leaving, oh I'm back, oh I cheated on you so we'll break up, now we'll get back together. I think with new characters, there will be new ideas and it'll be interesting to see what they do with it smile
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It happens, and it makes way for a lot of new young talent that hasn't really gotten the exposure that the previous cast did.
I'm all for it, because I'd rather see new faces then ones that are clearly getting too old to play teenagers.

It'd be nice if they did a movie about them going to college and their experiences there though.
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i'm definitely not going to stop watching it just because a majority of the original cast is leaving this season.

but, i'm definitely going to be sad when season three is over. all of these characters really grew on me. i'm one of those crazy gleeks that feel a connection with the characters, so it's even harder to let go because i love all of them so much.

hopefully, the writers of season four will play their cards right and make that season just as good as the first one. if not, i won't stick around to watch it for long.
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I'm going to keep watching for as long as the story stays interesting and the music stays fun and relevant.
Simple as that!
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It'll probably depend on if they end the Klaine relationship or not, if Kurt/Blaine + most of Original Cast are out then I'm not really interested in it.
Well, out of the original cast (I'm assuming by "original," we're talking about everyone in season 1 including adults, not just the season 1 regulars or the original 5 members of glee club), only 8 out of 14 are graduating. Of those 8, we know that at least 4 will be around in some capacity.

So, out of the original 14 characters, we know that at least 10 are still going to be around in some capacity for season 4.

If we exclude adults, 7 out of 11 characters are sticking around.

If we exclude anyone who wasn't a regular in season one, 8 out of 11 characters are sticking around.

If we just look at the original 5 members of glee club, 4 out of 5 are sticking around.

Sooooo.... not sure you can really say that the majority of the original cast are leaving.

Anyway, regardless, whether or not I'm sticking around will be entirely dependent on how the writing is for season 4 and what their idea is for it. Right now, it looks like they might be doing a split-narrative (half of the show taking place in Lima, the other half in New York), which just seems like it could be a complete mess. Also, a lot of what the writers have been doing with characters lately has been pissing me off, so unless the writing improves for season 4, I'm probably going to loose all interest in the show outside of Kurt and Blaine. And as much as I love those two, even they might not be enough to keep me hanging on if they're going to be 10 hours away from each other for the vast majority of the season.

Soooo.... I don't know. I'm more than willing to give season 4 a shot, and whether or not the original characters will be around isn't really a deciding factor for me. Whether or not the writers step up their game is what I'm really interested in.

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