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Looking forward to the episode?

YES! I love Lindsey! 0.092436974789916 9.2% [ 11 ]
NO! EW! 0.26050420168067 26.1% [ 31 ]
Not exactly, but I'll watch in spite of her 0.21008403361345 21.0% [ 25 ]
Yes, bring on the trainwreck! 0.20168067226891 20.2% [ 24 ]
Meh... 0.23529411764706 23.5% [ 28 ]
Total Votes:[ 119 ]
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Personally, I'm excited for her few minutes of screen time, just to see what sort of character they created for her. I was impressed with what RIB did for Whoopi (giving she's such a loud person, and her character was so reserved), so I have a feeling LiLo will be pretty interesting to watch.
Aline_O_Fintan's avatar

Beloved Gekko

I don't like her

I don't much care for her, either. I'll admit it! xd
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All teh cast hated her cause she was such a drama queen and came onto set late every time
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I'm not against her or anything. I'm just glad she wasn't performing.
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I'm not against her or anything. I'm just glad she wasn't performing.

Remember her song? "I'm tired of rumors starting, blah, blah..." lol
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like most guest stars its going to be a bit part, so I probably wont care much (i havent seen it yet)
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Honestly, when i saw her i thought i didn't think it was actually her, i had to Google it, haha
she looked so different on the show to me, from what i remember of her, but her performance was fine, i didn't mind her being on the show.
you know FISH OF Lohan
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I don't really like her, but thankfully her part isn't huge. Hard for me to focus on her when they're preforming Gaga and Meatloaf. heart

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