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Finn broke up with Rachel?!

I know :'( 0.29032258064516 29.0% [ 9 ]
Eh whatever. 0.35483870967742 35.5% [ 11 ]
Finally, Finechel was annoying! 0.35483870967742 35.5% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 31 ]
Am I the only one who wants more Sebastian and Kurofsky?
Not necessarily together, but I really hope we get more of those two. in S4.
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As long as it's not Seblaine (which there most likely will be) then I believe Grant's acting should be featured more.
Gimmie Seblaine.

I'd even be okay if they were just friends (who am I kidding, no one is ever just friends on Glee). They have such different personalities that the scenes would be perf. And, even though Seb was more of a love-interest (sorta) for Blaine, all we've really gotten were Kurt and Sebastian scenes.
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Grant Gustin is a beautiful man. O: I don't know if I'd mind SeBlaine, but I sure would feel bad for Blaine. Sebastian's such a perfect a*****e.

I would looooooove to see more of him. And the guy who plays Kurovsky, he's a really good actor actually. :O
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I would love to see more of Sebastien and Kurofsky. I'd like to see how Kurofsky is doing after his suicide attempt (I hope that he'll eventually become stronger like Kurt) and I'd also like to see how Sebastien develops as a character.
dramallama wow people actually watch this gay a** show dramallama you mad bro

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