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What should happen to Edith Drink now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.17913593256059 17.9% [ 340 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.028977871443625 2.9% [ 55 ]
Remain in the graveyard where she can watch over Michael J. Drink. 0.79188619599579 79.2% [ 1503 ]
Total Votes:[ 1898 ]
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Yatagarasu Yamato's avatar

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Goddmanit! I want you two to get back together again! gonk
James Echtor's avatar

Interesting Explorer

Edith, Micheal needs you now more then ever, stay with him until it is his time to pass on, then both of you can go together.
Kenta Starfield's avatar

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Photos taken instantaneously!

Say "Fuzzy Pickles!"
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crying crying I want to make a potion to bring Edith back to life and she and Michael can be together forever!!!! crying crying
Emerald Green Skyline's avatar

Wheezing Lunatic

I love the idea of you watching over Michael. Please do it!
Kitty Bear Chama's avatar

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Watch over Michael...
And may you forever watch him. heart
Usagi_Shiro's avatar

Questionable Shapeshifter

take care with your new life smile
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A triumph for all indeed. I think it be suitable if you watch over your widowed husband until he can join you again. It would probably serve the both of you well.
hmm what to do...well my dad is the devil soooo

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╔═════════════════════ ═════════════════════╗

Edith . . . your hands are clean of sin. It is not any fault of yours, these past days of darkness and madness. I'm certain your husband understands this; there will be no animosity between you. If you wish, perhaps an afterlife as a guardian angel to your beloved will grant both of you peace.

╚═════════════════════ ═════════════════════╝

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yup she should be left with Michael. Actually just bring her back to life....
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We'll make Sure William gets the long slow punishment he deserves for causing you and Michael such pain...

May you find happiness where ever you may end up, The crimes committed against you and the other spirits who did not deserve it can not be forgiven...

Why I say this cause I too hold someone dear to me and if we were in the same position as you two. Then I would see to it that you suffering is avenged even at the cost of my own life...

-Vanishes to go look for William-
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Watch over Michael. crying

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