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What should happen to Edith Drink now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.17913593256059 17.9% [ 340 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.028977871443625 2.9% [ 55 ]
Remain in the graveyard where she can watch over Michael J. Drink. 0.79188619599579 79.2% [ 1503 ]
Total Votes:[ 1898 ]
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Please watch over your husband,
though any part he had in these affairs has already been washed away
I fear he still seeks redemption.
And I fear what desperation can evoke in him.
you should stay with your loved one and both pass on together
Dissolve into the world beyond for eternal rest, where you will find Michael soon.
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You will always be with the one you love..watching and caring for them as you did in life.

Enjoy the afterlife and watch out for that husband of yours.
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The Asiantastic Ninja
Dissolve into the world beyond for eternal rest, where you will find Michael soon.

neutral If she does that, she'll lose memory of who she was and all memory of her past life. It's better if she stays with Michael to watch over him.
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You know Edith...as much as I'd like for you to move on I really do think that Michael could benefit from having you stick around...he certainly does miss you, and you were part of his added motivation for finding the antidote to the byproduct...I think he'd enjoy having more time with you...even if you are a ghost.

All the same, grats on being free.

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you don't deserve to go to hell prision. i found you as the innocent ghost heart
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Don't worry Edith, I'm sure he will waste away once the purpose leaves his life and join you soon enough, let you both rest in peace.
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Hope you find Happiness where ever you end up Edith.
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Don't leave, Edith! Sure, he managed to free you from your torment and successfully warned (and armed) us, but now that his life's work of rescuing the ghosts is finished, it's pretty evident that Michael is hopeless without you! gonk
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Still not sure why you were buried in a known hazardous waste graveyard that would turn you evil....I mean...even if Gaia only has ONE graveyard...cremation or above ground...."storage" in something like a mausoleum surely were options?
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b free. he is a monster. not u.... good luck
Stay, Edith, stay! D:
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Watch over your husband and ont forget to keep using Nagging Request on him
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The ten people who voted for her to be sent to Hell Prison are mean people.

Stay with Michael, Edith, watch over him.

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