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What should happen to Edith Drink now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.17913593256059 17.9% [ 340 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.028977871443625 2.9% [ 55 ]
Remain in the graveyard where she can watch over Michael J. Drink. 0.79188619599579 79.2% [ 1503 ]
Total Votes:[ 1898 ]
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though you may be free to pass , watch over your husband for he has a long road to redemtion ahead of him
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I don't care if you stay with Micheal and watch over him or watch him from heaven. Just watch over him. You two suffered quite enough, though I don't know how things will work out. But please continue to watch over him. As for william, even if you two forgive him for his actions, I will not. He's done too much pain to everyone that he caused with Omnidrink.

Now that we've set William back in his place, our judgement will rain on him and he will pay for his crimes. He can apologize to everyone he likes, but I've chosen not to forgive him. It's harsh but its my choice.

Whatever the future leads, I hope your husband will work things out for the better. this is just what I think. Whatever happens, I'll accept them.
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Dissolve blissfully into the great beyond...you've suffered enough.
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ah Edith,
Michaels sweet,
His geinus freed you,
His love that strong,
Stay in the grave yard,
And watch over him,
As he does his work,
As he dwels in his thoughts,
Let him know you're there,
Whatching over him.
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You...you better watch over him, Edith...c-cuz he loved you then and he still loves you now and...*sniffle* It ain't fair, man...

...Anyway...I'm glad you're free now, and not half-insane and hell-bent on destroying humanity as we know it. 3nodding So...see you around..!
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It appears you will get the chance to guard him and protect him form the great beyond.
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[NPC] Edith Drink
Oh gods... what happened to me? What have I done? And how am I now free?

Oh, Michael. I hope you are safe. I feel so confused and alone. I can only hope this release from insanity means things will get better.

What will become of you now that your consuming passion is gone? And what will become of me, still a ghost though free? Your genius was spent all these years trying to repair the evil your father did. Perhaps now you can turn your intellect to new frontiers of discovery and make this world a better place like you always wanted. Who knows where I will be...

If only this day had come sooner so we could enjoy it, and the years to come, together. Alas-- there is a bitter lining in every ray of hope. But I will not dwell on that. This is a triumph for all of us.

You Watch Over Him...And -I- Shall Watch Over YOU. Be Well Dear.
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Patience, lassie, patience; he will join you in eternal enlightenment soon enough.
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Aekea Bunny

Wow... this one is hard.
Obviously I will not send her to Hell Prison. She is quite innocent.

On one hand she deserves to be really freed and go into the world beyond, on the other hand she would finally get to reunite with Michael.
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You belong at your husband's side. Take care of him on our behalf.
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Smitten Pumpkin

I hope you will watch over Michael, Edith. heart Watch over him until he can join you. Sad love story... crying
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Stay with your husband. I get the feeling he needs you.
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Awaaaa...T3T *snifflecryblownoseloudlyonkleenex*

Okay, being the hopeless romantic I am, I vote Edith stay with Michael. I can't help but want the lovebirds to be back together! Plus, Michael has suffered so much, and so has Edith, and they need some snuggle time to comfort each other. heart
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That's mean! She wasn't in control of her actions!! Edith should move on, she and micheal will be reunited soon.
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by and thank for the umberla biggrin

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