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What should happen to Megan McNulty now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.24239275641977 24.2% [ 1633 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.096185245658305 9.6% [ 648 ]
Become a tooth fairy-like ghost who scares children into dental hygiene. 0.66142199792192 66.1% [ 4456 ]
Total Votes:[ 6737 ]
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Hallowed Prophet

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I wish you had gave me the drill, it would be sooooooo useful... and good luck on your new tooth-fairy job...
PsychoNekoAEON's avatar

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yes. a tooth fairy. that's what you should...hey...wait.

I didn't beat you into the afterlife yet. I didn't see you in the Graveyard yet... eek
The DREAM JESTER's avatar

Unforgiving Phantom

[NPC] Megan McNulty
What happened? I don't feel cold any more. What's that? That light. That warmth. It's so beautiful. I can remember laughter.

- pets drill -

NO! You've been controlling my actions for far too long! All that anger, that hate, that blood-lust... that was all you! You were guiding my hand with your cruel intentions.

But no more!

- throws drill away -

I can't believe it. I'm finally free. Thank you for setting me free. Thank you for helping me see the truth. Thank you for letting me go. That poison over my heart has been cured, and now I'm light and happy. Thank you for reminding me dentistry does not have to cause harm to others.

I can finally go free without that darkness hanging over me.








- pets pliers -

i can see your drill made you crazy lol but if your gonna pet dental equipment you should pet something that doesn't hurt people like... TOOTHPASTE lol
Aby55l's avatar

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Shes drilled one Gaian to many so off to the Great Beyond
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Invisible Flatterer

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bye, thanks for making me even more afraid of the dentist than i was already.. (licks sore cavities)
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Shadowy Shapeshifter

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I'd vote tooth fairy but if you don't stop petting your dentistry tools i'm voting prison.
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In a relationship with mean mina

Tipsy Member

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Blaming an innocent drill? Off to Hell Prison.
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Wheezing Lunatic

Bye creepy dentist! Please stay away!
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Sweet Bachelorette

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Bai bai! You and I have the same first name! What a coinkydink! 8D
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Hygienic Ladykiller

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  • Beta Gaian 0
But how will you pierce a hole through the heavens without your drill ):
Scare the kids.
I'll help you.
I'm happy your not coming near my teeth now. Have a good afterlife.
Mizzle X's avatar

O.G. Prophet

I wish you were my dentist

User Image
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Tsuriolle's Wife


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Stay here, and teach people Dental Hygine, i love your nutty ways goddamit D:<

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