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What should happen to Happy Day now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.18249363867684 18.2% [ 1793 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.070534351145038 7.1% [ 693 ]
Go where the music takes him. 0.74697201017812 74.7% [ 7339 ]
Total Votes:[ 9825 ]
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Childlike Fantasy's avatar

5,700 Points
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
  • Pie Feeder 50
  • Risky Lifestyle 100

Peace, dude.
We had some chill times and all, but you've just gotta go where the music takes you.
We understand.
Alchemist117's avatar

Fuzzy Lunatic

10,550 Points
  • Survivor 150
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Brandisher 100
adios amigo.
Dr Taye DeLorian's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

10,750 Points
  • Battle: Counterstrike 150
  • Forum Explorer 100
  • Survivor 150

We'll miss you man.

Stay cool.

Psychedelic Trip Out's avatar

Ruthless Ladykiller

11,900 Points
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Consumer 100
  • Athlete 50
I always believed in you, brother. I send you bouquets of peace, love, and happiness.
Death Dealer Kayako's avatar

Precious Friend

17,550 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
  • Hero 100
Peace. Love. Continue doing to inspire us to make music or show our other creativity to the world so we will do our best to protect this planet from dark forces.
Hippi heaven!
WiSdOmStAr4Evar's avatar

5,500 Points
  • Peoplewatcher 100
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Citizen 200
Stay cool bro.
Nikkiquin's avatar

Sparkling Senshi

12,600 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo 100
You are seriously awesome Happy Day! xd

I hope you stay with us! 4laugh
Meeja-Isara's avatar

Sparkly Millionaire

You're inspirational! Go to where your heart guides you heart
Peace, brother.
Can't argue with the music, man! Go where the flow takes you. Peace!
Yoshimi Sugai's avatar

Greedy Genius

4,700 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Brandisher 100
  • Tycoon 200
Stuff them in jail with the rest of those filthy devilish dregs! Maybe a fair term in Hell Prison will do them some good...and keep them from being so freakin nasty. ><; Haha...
Nyadriel's avatar

Dangerous Fairy

Happy thoughts as I listen to your music. There is only good things where you are going - or staying.

Wherever you are headed, be sure to party hardy with the puppies Dude!
You tried to take Chauncy! To the bad place! scream
Adrian DelaSangre's avatar

Invisible Hunter

aww.. happy day was one of the few ghosts I truely liked. take it easy man, and follow where that nice chill music comes from, it'll lead you to happier places I'm sure.

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