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What should happen to Randy Folsom now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.20405944182675 20.4% [ 563 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.075389633925335 7.5% [ 208 ]
Travel Gaia seeing all the sights he neglected to visit in life. 0.72055092424792 72.1% [ 1988 ]
Total Votes:[ 2759 ]
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Not gonna lie Randy. You creeped me out... a lot, but I hope you have a nice afterlife.
by-by ghost
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Love you Randy....
enjoy your afterlife!~
You DEFINITELY need to get out more. Why not sneak into that place in Gold Beach that isn't open yet? Hehe!
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Bye Randy! Good Luck with your Afterworldly road Trip! biggrin
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Partytime 4laugh
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Man-Hungry Bibliophile

Oh Randy Folsom... Your name and life reminds me of all my fond memories at the Folsom Street Fair in the unfortunately-sunny "The City" (as Eddie Izzard is noted as reminding us of what the proper name of San Francisco)... Aww..... Such wonderful memories 4laugh

theonelostindarkness generated a random number between 0 and 1000000 ... 811482!

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Wait! Please! I must know! ARE YOU GAY?

Curiosity is killing me! D=
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Clubbing is best in hell, I hear. s**t is very boring in heaven.

Well, wherever you go, Randy, good luck smile

c ya around
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As one of the characters immortalized on the front page, you must stay.
Otherwise, I'd demand (not that I have any power xd ) that gaia take you off.

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