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What should happen to Abelard XIII now?

Ascend to the heavens, to rule over a higher kingdom. 0.27750073335289 27.8% [ 946 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.50865356409504 50.9% [ 1734 ]
Haunt a zoo, occassionally feasting on the poor animals contained within. 0.21384570255207 21.4% [ 729 ]
Total Votes:[ 3409 ]
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7,750 Points
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off with your head for having sympathy with a man that eat animals

not only that, but treating his lower class royal subjects and his servants like garbage. neutral
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5,100 Points
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  • Hygienic 200
  • Person of Interest 200
He may be insane and I love that but I like animals more sorry dude I'd rather you be reborn without memory.
You might consider some after-life therapy.
Go to Hell Prison D<
Looks like you're going to hell. I hoped you'd be able to stay here and eat monkey brains with me. But I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
Nomad Realta 's avatar

Moonlight Pirate

Nomad Realta
You're the first ghost I've seen that's going to Hell Prison. I feel kinda bad for you. User Image

off with your head for having sympathy with a man that eat animals

I eat animals.
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7,450 Points
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  • Person of Interest 200
Break rocks and drop the soap.
Common Dreads's avatar

Jeering Stalker

You're going to hell for that.
Right then! OFF YOU GO!!
Chaos Dirge's avatar

Dangerous Genius

I'm loving how most of the population voted for him to serve in hell prison, I knew at least one ghost would be going there.
 Hikaru Hitachiin -Demon-'s avatar

Tricky Knight

*w* Burn in hell.
Kroneru The Second's avatar

2,450 Points
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  • Battle: Counterstrike 150
  • Battle: Knight 100

twisted *pulls lever on trap door*
44hrygydi's avatar

8,250 Points
  • Market Browser 100
  • Invisibility 100
  • Gaian 50
You're weird. Bye now. -waves-
Luna Mooncheese's avatar

Lonely Cleric

9,150 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Battle: Cleric 100
  • Pet Lover 100
Again, I will forgive William F. Drink, who realized his mistake, but for the people who are insane and know it, I won't. So again, BURN! BURN I SAY!
... And never "goodbye".

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