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What should happen to Pancakes now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.30547850208044 30.5% [ 1762 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.13505547850208 13.5% [ 779 ]
Remain more or less in place, like any other inanimate object. 0.55946601941748 55.9% [ 3227 ]
Total Votes:[ 5768 ]
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the pancakes are finally at rest
now i m hungry ._.
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Still happier over here, dear pankakes. :3 x3
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Username Not Needed
I think the pancakes should get to stay as they are. I mean, they're just pancakes, what's the harm.
The harm is.... the pancakes will eventually rot and so much bacteria will grow on it that it will start to develop a brain. Once that is done, it will start developing thoughts then feelings, then it'll wan't to get revenge on its owner for abandoning it, then will start ploting to take over Gaia

For some reason, I was quite frightened by your signature. In other words, I clicked on the link and laughed out loud. It was so... EPIC.

I thought the Pancakes (yes, it is a proper noun in this case) were ghosts... so... they couldn't... rot...
Question mark???
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they should come back and haunt fat guys going on a diet
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If Pancakes went to Hell......... I'm sure lot of things would love to eat him.
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Pancakes is so not "inanimate". Pancakes hit me with an attack!

@Pancakes Love you babe! heart
Hi people
Lolz i beat all the ghosts!!
In that game its realy cool!!!
But i dont like it that the game is gone sad
An dits true i like pancakes^^hmmmmm delicous^^ but pancakes is cool^^
But bye bye

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Monsieur Fabuleux
I think you should stay and haunt fat camps. <3

LMAO. I love this person.
I miss the event.
It was fun but rather short. ,_,
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they will return to gaia for revenge and turn everyone into evil pancakes! what a happy ending!
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best to send u to the world beyond cuz u stink badly, no offense!
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PANCAKES! Don't leave us!

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