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What should happen to Mantis Sr. now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.3596144340089 36.0% [ 4365 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.11616411270391 11.6% [ 1410 ]
Haunt an elevator so he can trap you ever so close to him. 0.5242214532872 52.4% [ 6363 ]
Total Votes:[ 12138 ]
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I will! I'll eat lots and lots of fibre! Good bye Mantis Sr.! crying
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Stay here to haunt us in the Gaia elevators~Hold me close to yuu...
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Don't dissolve into nothingness! User Image

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[NPC] Mantis Sr.


Before I head off into the prune-filled glow of the hereafter, I feel I should apologize for my violent outbursts. Truly, it's not who I am. Though I did so love lingering behind all you wonderful people.......


Remember to always respect your elders....


And eat lots of fiber....

*floats off*

I love u Mantis Sr.! MARRY MEEE!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart
let's have little mantis babys! (?) lol
You grieved me, Mantis. You grieved me deeply. And you shall go to hell for it, if I have my way! I SWEAR IT!
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Oh, and thanks for coming to that GGW game with me! whee

User Image
User Image
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* fantasizes about what could be going on underneath that sheet*
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bye bye.... crying crying
Mantis Sr., you should haunt a prune-filled elevator.
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Mantis Sr. I heard you are an Fake!
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I will eat Fiber! Bye Mantis Sr.!
I will miss yooou
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wow. first ghost i've seen who deserves to move on. but you Gaians sure love him. stare
you guys [most of them] have voted for them to stick around.. via haunting. x.x not good for the soul ya' know.
look at his apology and advice!
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It's almost over. crying I will miss you ever so much. heart

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