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What should happen to Queen Riverwisp now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.069348127600555 6.9% [ 350 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.038636813948881 3.9% [ 195 ]
Become the spiritual ward of the forest. 0.89201505845056 89.2% [ 4502 ]
Total Votes:[ 5047 ]
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Romantic Bloodsucker

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hope you will stay in the forest that is so dear to you. Im sure you will still be helpfull for everyone living in there smile
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Angelic Shapeshifter

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Poor fairy sad
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Wheezing Prophet

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[NPC] Queen Riverwisp
So has come my time to pass. It's finally my turn!

My death was caused by the hands of Gaians...
Not a beast that dwells in my forest realm.

Prithee, what is this "jet engine"?

This "OmniDrink" hurt my forests

The water is now poisoned, the soil polluted, and my spirit contaminated....

It brought harm upon my realm and my people.

There were Gaians who worked with them, for them... Gaians who crafted them...

I felt confused and slighted. They damaged my forests and robbed me of my flesh! I faulted every dwelling Gaian, and I wrought an equal pain in vengeance...

Despite my ire and vexation, my ill-enchanted soul was cured with an elixir of unknown magic by someone who showed compassion beyond all. I see now that my actions were unbecoming of a queen; I broke my royal vows to protect and I hurt the innocent. I was enraged and turned against those who live.

It has dissolved my hate, but not my regret...

I went in search of my answers to bring myself closure...

I was awakened in sorrow...
I now reconcile my anger.

Sorrow still lives within me.

Let it be a shadow of my past.

I see a compromise with this world...

I yield and accept my fate.

I have been honored by being loved even in my death and in my hatred. With this end comes a new beginning.

There is a place untainted in my forests, where the stream runs clear and the breeze is clean. There, I retreat to take my repose...for now...

Those who visit may find me watching, so be cautioned:

Tread carefully on sacred ground and leave only footprints behind...

Hiya! How are we today?

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