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What should happen to Daring Dan now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.15302423201679 15.3% [ 1604 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.095020034344591 9.5% [ 996 ]
Jump with Talulah off the tallest ramp ever and continue into space indefinitely. 0.75195573363862 75.2% [ 7882 ]
Total Votes:[ 10482 ]
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Dangruff Scott's avatar

Shirtless Wrangler

8,350 Points
  • Heckler 50
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Survivor 150
[NPC] Daring Dan
What's this...after so many years of torture...of being stuck in this wretched place...Dan feels a driving force once more...

He can see that light again...and what is...Dan can't believe it...but it is...it's Talulah! Sitting there as shiny and beautiful as the day she was made!

Oh Talulah, where have you been? Dan has been so angry and you were nowhere to be found...Dan knew he would find you though...he knew you weren't gone...these Gaians have helped Dan...they never gave up hope either...they are true fans...

Let's go Talulah...let's do what we always wanted to...let's perform the ultimate stunt...

*Talulah's engine roars to life and fire spits from the exhaust*

Let's do this Talulah! Let's give our fans one last reason to cheer!

Look out afterlife because here comes Dan and Talulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Stray Cougar's avatar

Combative Informer

11,200 Points
  • Informer 100
  • Bookworm 100
  • PvP 200
Jump the ramp and be swept unto Prophets Gale, where you shall travel the universe and learn all.

Ride on buddy, ride on.
ShadowOrpheus's avatar

Hygienic Ladykiller

7,800 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Mark Twain 100
  • Beta Gaian 0
You were awesome, okay.
sailornorthstar's avatar

Generous Giver

by Dan I will never forget you
xx..Badwolf..xx's avatar

Magical Girl

17,450 Points
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
  • Perfect Attendance 400
I'll always be your fan, Dan! heart
WeWorshipWii's avatar

Witty Pieslinger

10,450 Points
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
  • Pie For All! 300
  • Cats vs Dogs 100
Go into space with Talulah! You can be a new star in the sky!
sessigirl's avatar

O.G. Member

8,000 Points
  • Beta Citizen 0
  • Beta Forum Regular 0
  • Beta Explorer 0
Farewell you sweet sweet daredevil ;-;
Pysegundo's avatar

Anxious Bard

10,050 Points
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Generous 100
onward, to the next stunt.
Defesa's avatar

7,600 Points
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Signature Look 250
See you, space stunt-man.

You will always leave a touch of regret in me, for I had to beat you up.
Though on the other hand...I BEAT YOU UP WITH THE POWER OF LOVE. heart

Go forth and paint a star for you and Talulah.
Captain Dory's avatar

Aekea Explorer

12,300 Points
  • Wintersday Bard 50
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
  • Noble Shade 100
I'll go with number three. See ya Daring, and don't bother to come back.
Kabayaki's avatar

6,800 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Generous 100
  • Invisibility 100
You always were a challenging ghost. Without Big Foot, I could not have beaten you. You are a cool guy. I can't believe seeing you in hell. Ride on.
ushijies's avatar

6,750 Points
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Wall Street 200
  • The Perfect Setup 150
    i agree with the third one, lmao.
    goodbye ghosty,!! n__________n
Chombi's avatar

Shameless Gawker

16,350 Points
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
  • Hero 100
  • Ultimate Player 200
i knew you couldnt be so bad
Albern Puppy's avatar

Fuzzy Puppy

Go! Go jump the moon and the Moonsharks that infect it, Dan! Whoo!

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