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What should happen to Carrie Loggins now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.46926589392343 46.9% [ 5344 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.086231120477696 8.6% [ 982 ]
Haunt a dog park, making otherwise well-mannered dogs bark all the time. 0.44450298559888 44.5% [ 5062 ]
Total Votes:[ 11388 ]
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Beloved Elder

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no stay wit puppy (meh)
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Nimble Knight

4,600 Points
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  • Gaian 50
* hugs * though I never knew you in life or really the afterlife, I bid you farewell. You were a hard one for me to beat cuz...well I love dogs too and have a job waling em XD But instead of losing memory, why not wander the dog park? You'd get to see the dogs again and maybe meet some other ghost, even ghost dogs like my dead dog ioni ^^ You'd enjoy timewith him ^^ I do bid you adue~
the_blue_wolf_girl's avatar

Sweet Wolf

nice meeting you 3nodding have fun where ever you go whee
Will you go to doggie heaven or something? Lol, see ya, unless you wanna, y'know, stick around or somethin...
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6,500 Points
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  • Popular Thread 100
Goodbye Carrie, you deserve to rest, I hope you and your doggie-woggies will have all the fun you want in that big park in the sky.
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Versatile Businessman

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  • Cats vs Dogs 100
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All Dogs Go To Heaven!!
Dogs 4 Life
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Loyal Traveler

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bye crying <3 I'll miss you! *hugs*
Byes Cippy
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Moonlight Shapeshifter

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  • Millionaire 200
  • Nerd 50
Awww its okay! I forgives you!
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Dapper Shapeshifter

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  • Contributor 150
User Image

I’m a wind-up toy in an up down world
If you leave me all alone, I’ll make a mess for sure


dun leave I lurve youz! D:


I’ve a heart of gold in the smallest size
Leave me in the dark, you’ll never hear me cry
most recent art made by me
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Man-Hungry Vegetarian

You deserve a rest, you poor sod.
MissMissie's avatar

Fashionable Gaian


-pets doggies-

Good bye.
I was hoping you... you know...
...could walk my dogs for me before you leave... sweatdrop
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PaganPrefect's Husband

Benevolent Elder

27,600 Points
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  • Hellraiser 500
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Hope you go to heaven with the doggies, cause we all know dogs go to heaven, and you can take care of them up there. Say "hi" to my old doggies up there for me.
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Thankful Vampire

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  • Alchemy Level 10 100
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  • Loiterer 100
Your too much, you may leave. >.>

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