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What should happen to Carrie Loggins now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.46930710459296 46.9% [ 5344 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.08615087380346 8.6% [ 981 ]
Haunt a dog park, making otherwise well-mannered dogs bark all the time. 0.44454202160358 44.5% [ 5062 ]
Total Votes:[ 11387 ]
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What...huh? Who aresies..no..Who are you peoples? Why are you staring at me like that? ...Why does my breath smell like doggie biscuits!? ...Woah waits. I did what? And WHAT?...

Wowsies. That's kind of..embarassings..Erm, embarassing I mean.

I'm relieved I'm finally back to normal...normalsies..Normal. Hmm... It might takes me awhilesies to be normals huh dawggie-woggies? I'ms...I'ms sorry, Gaians. I tooks out my angeries on you's. I swore preparesies..I swore against your cats..your kitty-cats...

And yets...

You all helpeds me when I hateds you allsies...I don'ts understandsies why...But...thank you...Thank you all. You're still always going to be the smelly-welly living-wiving to Carrie! Silly fleshie-weshies!

Say bye to the fleshie-weshies, dawggie-woggies!

Ohhhh...And I kind of got carried away with the whole "peeing on trees" thing. You mights wanna watch where you step fleshie-weshies! Hahaha!
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Shy Hero

; D ; MINE *grabby hands*


i dews joo a good bye pictures ; n ;
*holds up drawing*
User Image

; n ; i loo....
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; D ; MINE *grabby hands*
*backpats Occip*
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Shadowy Phantom

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*Hugs Cippy*

At least Carrie is in a better place now, and maybe she will learn to speak correctly again.
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Shy Hero

LabTech Deusy
*Hugs Cippy*

At least Carrie is in a better place now, and maybe she will learn to speak correctly again.

T n T mean hroomans are mean, tryings to sends cawwies away to bad places
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*jumping at Carrie* NU! DON'T GO!
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You deserve rest, your long dog walk well finally end soon...
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I think you should rest peacefully, after all the hard work with all those dogs you need some time to yourself.
You and your doggie woggies are going to a better place, buddie. sad
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Carrie Warrie! Dontsie Gosie!
*tries to hug but can't because your a ghost*
crying -sob- heresies, take these treatsie weatsies for your doggie woggies!
bye carrie!! gonk
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