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What should happen to Constance Maplehart now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.50934297769741 50.9% [ 2535 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.1149286718907 11.5% [ 572 ]
Haunt swarms of bees that constantly sting anyone that comes near them. 0.37572835041189 37.6% [ 1870 ]
Total Votes:[ 4977 ]
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Dangerous Phantom

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goodbye, you will truly BEE missed. crying

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Desirable Bibliophile

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User Image

Sakura Petals Falling, as the wind swirls in the trees...

BEES!! eek

Sakura Fubuki, a shower of Petals, romance!.............

Kyoya's Wishlists- I will worship you forever if you help me get these items!
Inari's Beads
Fallen Wish
Hermes Moon
Fausto's Bottle
Hermit Cat/fish - gifted to me by Muun Laydee Arigato!
goldfish -gifted by Zelos Peace Arigato!
Aquarium Fishes
Alruna's Rose - gifted by Gofer-chan, Arigato!
Gogh Reed
Clothes for my Kyoya cosplay
Japanese inspired outfits
Noel's Gift
Royal Wizard -gifted by Lady_Phoenix_Siri Thanks so much!!
Silver Laurels
Ice Prince
Lunar Sash - donated by gofer-sama!
Princess Kaguya, Mana Seed, Inari Beads and Seracila Pendant (for my Sweetheart)
Collecting Spirited 2k9 Items
Will O Wisp - gifted by Dramatica Away II Thanks so Much!!
Koi , Gothic Butterfly -koi donated by the angelic Muun Laydee Arigato!!
Black Wolf (for me) - donated by an Anonymous benefactor, thanks so much!
Secret Retreat
Apprentice Charm (for my koi/girlfriend)

Please post in my achievements thread ne!!
Hive Mind
Megathread Challenge..post please thanks!
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  • Team Edward 100
R.I.P Constance
congratulations stare
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Feral Gatekeeper

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  • Hero 100
Enjoy the afterlife.
R.I.P Constance
its So obvious she should be reincarnated as a Queen bee.
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In a relationship with Lord Elwrind

Dangerous Fairy

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I'm gonna miss you!! crying
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michael jake
User Image i need 1,000 post for the conversationalist achievement.. please, chat with me..?


..but Constance, you're a guy.. So, you can never be a QUEEN BEE.. sweatdrop

Anyways, goodBye.. smile

BUY or BID my stuff, please.. for the achievement.. User Image

It is a guy, isn't it? I was confused with that. I mean, the avatars hands are the hands of the male base. xD Thought it was a little weird.

User Image i need 1,000 post for the conversationalist achievement.. please, chat with me..?


Yup, Constance is a guy.. His stance is the same as the male avatar's base.. So, that's that.. Let's say our farewell to him.. wink

BUY or BID my stuff, please.. for the achievement.. User Image
d-_-b georgia d-_-b
bye bye!!!! biggrin enjoy your afterlife!
You know what I will.
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Aged Hunter

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Anar'alah, Anar'alah belore. Sin'dorei, shindu fallah na. Sin'dorei...
By the light, by the light of the sun. Children of the blood, our enemies are breaking through. Children of blood...

The Sesshi Says:

NYUUUU!!!! You cannot leave us!!! I won't let any of you ghosties leave!!! D<

...Anar'alah. Shindu Sin'dorei, shindu fallah na. Sin'dorei.
...By the light. Failing children of the blood, they are breaking through. O' children of the blood.
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Feline Ladykiller

9,200 Points
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  • Magical Girl 50
  • Cat Fancier 100
[NPC] Constance Maplehart
Well, it's time that I said goodbye to all you living beings. My dream of becoming Queen Bee was never fulfilled, but that doesn't matter, as long as I always have my precious bees by my side. I do not mind leaving this cruel world behind, though in the end, I suppose you living humans weren't so bad after all.

I agree with Lord Darkstarr--you should reincarnate as a human/bee hybrid, nyao! You could be the mother of a new race of interesting insect people, nyao!

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