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What should happen to LabTech Rory now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.35895676046671 35.9% [ 4184 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.07566918325326 7.6% [ 882 ]
Haunt poorly lit laboratories and hospital hallways at night. 0.56537405628003 56.5% [ 6590 ]
Total Votes:[ 11656 ]
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I can't believe that I missed the party. Mr. Gambino should be furious but he is still nowhere to be found. Everyone I used to work with is nowhere to be found. I'm not even sure where I am myself anymore. It's not a dream, but none of it can be real. I need to search far and wide to determine the truth and to figure out what all has occurred and where everyone has gone. Many of you came to my aid and I have gained many excellent experiments. Many friends. I don't know what came over me or why I've acted as I have, I just really miss my life. I will go now to seek the truth, so please take care and be sure to follow the standard safety procedures in my absence.
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Rory! Stay with us! D:
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*whimpers grabby hands for worys* ; n ;
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Take care and safe travels Rory. No matter what you should find in your journeys, we'll leave a light on for you.

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Making a difference.

It's all good coworker, I'll inform Mr. Gambino that you're predisposed and can't come. I'm sure he'll be heartbroken. Farewell.

By whatever means necessary.
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Rory, I really wish you would stay with us. But I believe it is better for you to move on. I will miss you and your amusing comments. Like MK said "We'll leave a light on for you" always.

Thank you for the memories.
Bye Rory o: User Image
Good luck, Rory. I'm sure whatever happens, there will be things for you to discover. heart
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Option 4: Become a Roman
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Your journey will not be a long one I shall let you know this, I bid you farewell my dearest friend. One day soon we will meet again.
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please stay...
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I'll miss you Rory... *sniffles* Maybe, maybe you'll see your old Labtech friends soon. crying

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