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What should happen to Old Rusty now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.48708430007734 48.7% [ 3149 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.10781129156999 10.8% [ 697 ]
Haunt a wrecking ball so he can hang from a big chain and squash people. 0.40510440835267 40.5% [ 2619 ]
Total Votes:[ 6465 ]
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The DREAM JESTER's avatar

Unforgiving Phantom

[NPC] Old Rusty
What...is this? My chains...they are becoming lighter, lessening the burden I have carried for so long.

The urge to break everything in my path has diminished. I no longer feel the need to haunt people...to destroy things... Now it is only for fun...

I guess this is farewell....farewell to the harsh world that has been so unkind to me. Farewell....

But where I am going, I do not know. Maybe we will meet again someday.

no more shattering things? dang that stinks lol but bye hope you end up staying a regular [NPC] lol
-xX-Yellowjelo-Xx -'s avatar

Romantic Lover

Rusty, please do not leave us. I will miss you too much.
tobi-chann's avatar

Shirtless Cat

See ya dude! 3nodding
mist777's avatar

Fluff Celebrant

15,750 Points
  • Fluff Reclamation 250
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Fluff Healer 100
I, no, not just myself, we will miss you Rusty... but if you can stay, even if it's in just another form... please stay if you can. Many will miss you.
Alex Arkas's avatar

Noble Punk

9,900 Points
  • Unleash the Beast 100
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Signature Look 250
Wreck some stuff for me, Rusty!
Selena Nyx's avatar

Bloodthirsty Shapeshifter

24,700 Points
  • Hellraiser 500
  • Battle: Rogue 100
  • Vicious Spirit 250
Every time I hear something break, I'll think of you.
*smashes a plate*
Farewell, Rusty heart
GreenNinjaCat's avatar

5,950 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Window Shopper 100
  • Friendly 100
DruidTigeress's avatar

Sparkly Genius

13,500 Points
  • Partygoer 500
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Protector of Cuteness 150
Bye Rusty! We'll miss you! heart
Bye Rusty! I'm just clumsy enough to drop all my glasses and plates, but now when I hear them shatter I'll think, "I think Rusty would have liked that". Tehehe
Ty Ty's avatar

Shy Soldier

10,550 Points
  • Crack Shot 50
  • Survivor 150
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
You should be allowed to have fun, allowed to continue instead of go to a place where you loose your identity and thus no longer are yourself so cannot benefit from an eternal heaven that whispers to you to loose every part of yourself.

Remember without memories of hardship of the past there is also no true happiness in ones future or present. The true bliss is knowing you overcame and now are getting rewarded.
bye crying
spoonybard111's avatar

Shirtless Fairy

11,650 Points
  • Sausage Fest 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Battle Hardened 150
Plenty of chains in prison twisted
xXx Winters Kiss xXx's avatar

4,700 Points
  • Forum Regular 100
  • Contributor 150
  • First step to fame 200
Nuu! I don't want you to go; you're too awesome! crying *clings to*
Goodbye! Sorry for the beating, I loved your rattle of chains as a kid.
44hrygydi's avatar

8,250 Points
  • Market Browser 100
  • Invisibility 100
  • Gaian 50
Yes, maybe we will see each other again someday, in the afterlife. biggrin Hopefully not to soon. o_o

See ya, Rusty.


Yes, I meant to be illogical. wink

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