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What should happen to Noo now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.39351911860013 39.4% [ 3036 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.1799092676604 18.0% [ 1388 ]
Become a ghost shark, eating all the surfers she can to make up for a life of constant dieting. 0.42657161373947 42.7% [ 3291 ]
Total Votes:[ 7715 ]
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No, they don't! Everything is starting to look and feel wonderful, just as it should.

In life I had fans and I had haters. In death I had fans, I had haters, and then I had those in the middle that wanted to bring me back to life ... just so they could kill me! The fans have always been amazing and I'll love them forever; the adoration, the attention, the gifts. The haters though, they are the ones that really helped - pushing me to be better, to be more beautiful, more elegant, more wonderful. Like people of the past the hate just fueled me to be more of what you hated, a beautifully vicious cycle you can never escape.

So with that I must take my leave, I've already conquered this world as much as I could in life and in death, it's time now to conquer something truly exceptional - the afterlife. I wonder if there will be any sharks there ... mmmm, or donuts.
Go to KFC!
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A ghost shark ~
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Donuts versus surfers...it's a hard choice, I must admit.
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Good bye, Noo.
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Go towards the donuts 3nodding
Uhhh... I am not sure about this one... Need better reasons lol!
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Your lips are fabulous. e__e Bye!
Bye bye <3
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I would have damned you to hell if you didn't have the ability to turn into a friggin shark.

+ 1 respect point.
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Im not sure if her lips will fit through the door to heaven or hell you might need to leave those behind
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You weren't defeated though? Ghost shark it is.
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