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What should happen to Dinky?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.25461741424802 25.5% [ 772 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.034630606860158 3.5% [ 105 ]
Haunt an old pizza arcade. 0.71075197889182 71.1% [ 2155 ]
Total Votes:[ 3032 ]
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Sakura Latte's avatar

Kawaii Shoujo

19,650 Points
  • Caroling Champ 100
  • Snowball Hero 200
  • Frozen Solid 200
Yay International Studies!
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This is your Fate Dinky.

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Hyper Somnia's avatar

Shy Senshi

16,400 Points
  • Wintersday Bard 50
  • Hero 100
  • Frozen Sleuth 100
I'll miss you Dinky! You were deffinetly the cutest ghost.
So this is who always eats me when I play Pac Man... Dinky, that cheese thing will stalk you. There must be a billion of them, what with all of the times you GHOSTS eat them.... so the only safe option is the next world.

You were the hardest ghost for me to beat, for some reason.
CelesticWisp's avatar

5,550 Points
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Signature Look 250
  • Full closet 200
For some reason you are so hard to beat...
Pacman doesn't have this much trouble.
Mattokenzi's avatar

6,650 Points
  • Nudist Colony 200
  • Hygienic 200
  • Signature Look 250
Dinky... Tell Pac-Man to "Stop Pill Popping"
ll pokotan ll's avatar

Dapper Fatcat

i'll miss you dinky....bai...... crying
Dar Dinkey,

You deserve NOT to rot in a prison, but you're too famous to fade away... Back to the Pac-Man maze, with blinky and the others... you can get 'im this time, legendary blue ghost!
Voxden's avatar

6,600 Points
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Citizen 200
  • Generous 100
return to the pac-man world alright dinky?? u can get revenge on pac-man!
days we loose's avatar

Unbeatable Werewolf

Bye Dinky! have fun in the afterlife =)
Shastled's avatar

Quotable Cat

10,000 Points
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  • Bunny Hunter 100
  • Bunny Spotter 50
Swinging my life away's avatar

4,700 Points
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  • Dressed Up 200
  • Member 100
lol haunt a pizza arcade would be my choice... and we won! xd
Elmo8MyC00ki3's avatar

1,900 Points
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  • Signature Look 250
COOL PACMAN GHOSTS!!!!!!! rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl dramallama blaugh blaugh 3nodding
luki4uiamme's avatar

Profitable Entrepreneur

7,000 Points
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  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
Ry Yuuki
Aw dinky, I'll miss you
I hope you can roam somewhere more freely :3

edit: your vote options don't let you out of the maze unless you get oblivioned crying I'm sorry

oh, boy, what to do now? wink

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