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What should happen to Ricky the Dog Boy now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.27667948013912 27.7% [ 3023 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.06727073036793 6.7% [ 735 ]
Chase squirrels forever. 0.65604978949295 65.6% [ 7168 ]
Total Votes:[ 10926 ]
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*cups paws around mouth* STEP RIGHT UP! STEP RIGHT UP! Here today for your viewing pleasure is me, Ricky the Dog Boy! I will now amaze and astound you with my acrobatic skills and daring feats of agility!

*cups paws again and makes trumpet noises*

Now watch as I will mystify you with my skill! *runs and does a somersault* Now something a little harder! *cartwheels and backflips* And now.... *sniffsniff* eek Frisbee? *sniffsniffsniff* FRISBEE! *races over to a random spot, digs a bit, and pulls something from beneath the ground* MY FRISBEEEEEEEE~~!!! blaugh

Well now that I have this, I will treat you to the ultimate feat! *flicks frisbee into the air* Watch this! *gets on all fours, sprinting towards the flying disc; then leaps into the air, does a double somersault and catches frisbee in teeth, and lands on feet* TADAAAA~~!

*waves to the crowd smugly, awaiting applause*

Yes, yes! Thank you so much for all your support! *brushes face* I know I am quite the showman, but - oh yes, thank you so so much. But now I must move on to the next lot. Always a new crowd to dazzle! Always a new stage to perform on! *flips and disappears*
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o . o *claps flaring gills*

*wags tail*
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Off to Hell Prison with you.
*applauds wildly*
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<applauds politely>
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Im still mad at you Ricky, you changed your name and never let me visit you. I only live an hour from your home in Gibston. Maybe I could of seen you preform, but no! Off to prison with you D:<
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Shy Man-Lover

mad Prison.
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Jeering Stalker

i didnt think you were all that annoying until now
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Squirrels forever for you.
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Hee-hee *applauds* I'm so glad you found your frisbee Ricky. I hope that you have fun chasing after it in the great beyond. You really are a top-notch showman dude.


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