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What should happen to Bruce Hardcastle now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.27672955974843 27.7% [ 968 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.19125214408233 19.1% [ 669 ]
Haunt a mashed potato factory, mashing potatoes angrily and sometimes workers. 0.53201829616924 53.2% [ 1861 ]
Total Votes:[ 3498 ]
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YOU CAN HAVE YOU STUPID POTATO BACK! YAAAHH! -throws it at your ugly intangible face-
Git back on dem taters forever and ever!
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You'll be able to eat potatoes someday, even if that's centuries from now... lol
Honestly, I don't like to send ghosts to hell. I just don't think it's fair but I was very tempted with you when you joined sentinal and tried to destroy gaia and the gaians but it's okay because everyone makes mistakes along the way. In any case I'm sending you to the great beyond with potatoes don't kill you. Enjoy your after life.
Just don't swallow things whole. After all, humans are not snakes. Enjoy your haunting, Bruce!
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You died in a very sad way. I wish you good luck in your potato eating quest.
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Bruce, I've always admired you. You were my idol as a sportscaster and I would've attended your first funeral if I hadn't decided to eat a potato. obviously with different results than the result you had.. and then repeated... twice more.
Either case, Bruce. I'll visit you at your mashed potato factory sometime. As soon as I finish burying my Coffin.

Poor Coffin. He never had a second life, and his spot as a ghost was stolen by Pancakes. He will be missed, but not as much as you were.
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Yeah potaoes are deadly go with spuds blaugh
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who's this?
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Sorry bro, but I gotta sentence you to H.P. for your services to the forces of darkness.
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