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What should happen to Bruce Hardcastle now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.27657142857143 27.7% [ 968 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.19142857142857 19.1% [ 670 ]
Haunt a mashed potato factory, mashing potatoes angrily and sometimes workers. 0.532 53.2% [ 1862 ]
Total Votes:[ 3500 ]
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In a relationship with Zaul Oleander

Icy Werewolf

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  • Frozen Solid 200
  • Advent Attendee 50
Honestly, I'm stumped. Methinks the first and last options would be good for you. But I'm more inclined to think you oughta exact your revenge on potatoes forever. mrgreen

Ah well...whichever path you're sent on...may you find peace.
Booker the Ace's avatar

Altruistic Spirit

15,850 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Conventioneer 300
  • Elocutionist 200

I always loved ya, Bruce. I'm glad you'll finally get your chance to pass on now.
We'll make sure no one tries to bring you back to life again. 3nodding

See ya later, Brucie~
Bruce, from one reporter to another I wish you good luck in the afterlife. If you get any hot tips on the otherside, let me know.
Emerald Green Skyline's avatar

Wheezing Lunatic

Good-bye Bruce. Whenever I eat a potato, I will think of you.
It sure would be terrible if you were to return as a potato, wouldn't it?
BananaFLCL's avatar

Distinct Grabber

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the spawn of the potato that killed you shall be fed to my dear daughter
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Dangerous Lunatic

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Y'know Mr. Hardcastle, not many people can lay claim to the record of 'most times killed by a starch'. You should be proud of yourself, and use your after-afterlife to learn how to properly eat potatoes (...say...by cooking/baking and cutting them into bite-sized manageable pieces first...for example...)

Gaia News certainly misses your...er....vibrant personality.

Who knows, maybe the Great Beyond News channel has an actual anchor spot open and waiting for you. You always did want to be a hard-hitting news anchor after all.

We'll miss you man...but that doesn't mean we're going to pay off your sizable debts in your memory...just so you know...
Bruce really needs to go to Hell. Just for a bit. If there was an award for "most annoying person in Gaia"... well, he wouldn't get it, but he'd be a contender. Hell Prison on this one.
K i m z y's avatar

Moonlight Girl

So long Mr potato!
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Gracious Explorer

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Please be happy in whatever fate awaits you. Have fun with those potatoes.
Oh bye.I didn't like you anyways.
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Wealthy Scrooge

11,200 Points
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  • Heckler 50
  • Invisibility 100
biggrin thanks for the potato and bye
Sailor11sedna's avatar

10,300 Points
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  • Megathread 100
  • Mark Twain 100
Not that I liked him much, but no way this is the end of him. He's a recurring character.
Agua Azullia's avatar

Eloquent Lunatic

9,100 Points
  • Beta Citizen 0
  • Invisibility 100
  • Elocutionist 200
I'll miss ya, Bruce!
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O.G. Genius

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  • Prayer Circle 200
Bruce really needs to go to Hell. Just for a bit. If there was an award for "most annoying person in Gaia"... well, he wouldn't get it, but he'd be a contender. Hell Prison on this one.

Agreed. Bruce, kindly go to Hell Prison and stay there.
Also, Solarn, thanks for the Booty Grab.

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