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What should happen to Arturo Robusto now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.28994583615437 29.0% [ 3426 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.12220717670955 12.2% [ 1444 ]
Haunt the changing rooms in Barton's shops. 0.58784698713609 58.8% [ 6946 ]
Total Votes:[ 11816 ]
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See ya', hot stuff~
For a long winded good bye, I think he should serve a term in hell. Some times Good bye is all that is need to be said and a mouth full takes that away... plus he is annoying... at times... maybe not...
...I really don't want to face your bad self again, but if you could possibly remain as a less greasy spirit, I have no problem keeping you around.
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redface xd u can come stay at my house 3nodding babe heart burning_eyes
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I never really liked you anyway. =/
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smell ya later! come visit next year? XD
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Obsessive Lunatic

    > A<;
    But, if I can't, then you should haunt changing rooms and stay on Earth forever~
    o u o;
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Wheezing Lunatic

Good-bye love! I'll never forget you!
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See ya. :3
It was nice knowing that you would kill me, yet you're asking for some forgiveness xD
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Shameless Enabler

Off to Hells Prison.

They need some new meat.
And well...just don't drop the soap.
>3> nuuuu your leaving have a safe trip to heaven you lusty scoundrel ;D

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