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What should happen to Professor Kruelty now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.24540355250857 24.5% [ 1575 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.3234652539732 32.3% [ 2076 ]
Whisper corrupting promises in the ears of the powerful, leading them to hubris and decadence. 0.43113119351823 43.1% [ 2767 ]
Total Votes:[ 6418 ]
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:/... Goodbyee.♥
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[NPC] Professor Kruelty
It is now here, time for me to leave this wretched in between stage. I feel lighter than before, I no longer have the need to be too cruel to you mortals anymore. Mind you, I didn't say I would turn all good either, that's boring and ridiculous. If you seriously thought I would turn good, might as well fall into a coma now and stop wasting my time. I am still a villain, after all.

I won't deny that being stuck in this plane with you pathetic mortals brought some amusement, which made the wait not as painfully long as I once thought it would be.

But alas, now that my time has finally come, I can part to a better place, away from all the creepy, stalker ways of some of you, and the ineptness of most of you.

Though I'm in no hurry to see your faces again, I do hope you don't waste the rest of your lives being complete idiots. If you do, don't expect me to waste my time tending to your stupid afterlife needs.
Until we meet again, mortals.

personnaly, i'd love to team up with you some time. such havoc and chaos we could wreach!
Here I was hoping to challenge you in the cemetery. Oh well. Best be off on your journey before the path closes for good. So long, Kruelty. (For the record, I would have won, anyway.) wink
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...where are you going? We didn't even fight you yet!
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Ruthless Genius

Hope to see you again, you silly raccoon.

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Noble Bear

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:3 Bye bye. Was fun while it lasted... see you in Hell~
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Shirtless Cat

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So long, Kruelty. Raise some hell pirate
*eats pie*
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Good luck there Prof, send my love to Johnny!

we didn't get to face off gonk
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I wish you a Evil, yet happy after life, goodbye master.
Now its my turn to rule.
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You will be missed deeply.

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Oh, Kruelty. I would never dare think of you ever turning all good. Of course not. ;] Until we meet again.
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Your evil ways will be missed. Even though you hated everyone, I will agree... your snarky ways will forever continue to make me laugh. lol

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