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Allright, world. Its time to ramp up the opinions on this one.
We are all gamers, and technology has blossomed and developed alot over the past decades going from only having Windows 3.11 to Windows 8. Gameboy to Wii U. Playstation to the recent Playstation Vita.

Most of us was born either right before this huge leap in technology or during it. My question is fairly simple. I want you to mention your most memorable moment in your childhood while being in a videogame.


Starting with myself;

My most memorable memory was definately Captain Claw, and old sidescroller about a pirate cat (Dont mock me on this one.) exploring a world and collecting gems to finish the lore-ridden Amulet Of Nine Lives. I remember it for being a hard game, the graphics beautiful for being late '98 and obviously because it was godly amounts of fun.


Not far from the memory of this game is getting to the last boss in Final Fantasy VII only for the savefile to corrupt itself. GOOD TIMES.

Whats your game and memory?
I remember fondly the stunned look on my face when I played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was a 3D Zelda game! Nothing else needs to be said here.
Playing Super Mario World 3 with my parents and sister. It was fantastic having that family time. And it developed into a life long love of video games shared with my family.
It was great until my mom ran over the Super Nintendo power cord with the vacuum.
My best memory is how I used to play the first Super Mario Bros. on my Atari console when I was 8 mrgreen
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I can remember, many years ago, my dad would come home from work and as soon as he sat on the couch, I would be on his lap saying, "Daddy! Let's play Silent Hill!" Keep in mind, I was six when it came out.
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Well i have allot of them but id say the first time I ever saw "Marvel Vs. Capcom" in an arcade. My little child mind was BLOWN~! . . . I mean Spiderman and Wolverine fighting Ryu and Megaman. WOAH! as a kid this was the coolest thing i had ever seen.
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I can remember, many years ago, my dad would come home from work and as soon as he sat on the couch, I would be on his lap saying, "Daddy! Let's play Silent Hill!" Keep in mind, I was six when it came out.
n***a... That's kawaii.
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I remember when i play zelda adventure of link, 3 weeks to finish the game
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Since I was a kid, pretty much was a solo gamer from the start. No one really wanted to play video games with me since I was better than everyone in my family. My best memory is playing super mario rpg for the first time. Was surprised there were games out like this. I feel in love with rpgs after that.
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probably either.. playing dr. mario with my older sister, playing Jurassic Park and getting scared haha or playing that old game that came with the mat and you did like races and stuff on it (I can't remember what it was called >: )
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Going through all of Crash Bandicoot on 100% complete. :'D oh! and me and my siblings playing those demo jampack disks. XD Those were great we loved to catch our asses on fire in Blastchamber.
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Probably the countless hours me and my friends spent playing The Simpsons: Hit and Run, because our mom's wouldn't buy us GTA!
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Playing some sort of Power Rangers game on my Gameboy.
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Spending hours upon hours playing the Bombchu mini-game from Ocarina of Time with my sister. That little mini-game was so irritating yet, so much fun!
I have many other memories before and after but the one that always comes to my mind most is playing Final Fantasy 4 with my dad back on the SNES, when we and everyone else really thought it was Final Fantasy 2. I can vividly remember going through the entire game with him, laughing over how many times Kain got brainwashed, seeing the twins get turned to stone, happy to see Rydia alive and saving our group from Golbez, using a Lunar Whale to go to the moon, fighting Zeromus.... yeah, really good memories ^_^

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