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This is hard for me mostly because I can find entertainment with all three. I can play all of my cartoony, old games like Sonic and Mario on my Wii, plus the exercise that comes along with Wii Sports, but all of my absolute favorite games can be found on both PS3 and XBOX360 (Borderlands and Mass Effect, to name a few)
Play Station because Sony usually tend to show their work last which gives them more time to prepare themselves and their work.
Due to the current swarm of topics related to the upcoming generation of consoles, a separate sticky has been created to house the growing amount of discussion and prevent future confusion towards the issue.
Ps3 is way better
Here's some information to start you off! Consoles listed by release date. domokun

Console wars site:

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I've officially lost faith in Microsoft... thanks alot Xbox One for bonering up xbox
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My opinion on all 3.
Ps3- Nice, Free online But it got hacked once and it was off for a month. The online Multiplayer is a little laggy but you still get what you paid for. What I like most is you don't have to go spending money on extras such as batteries...and 50$ cards every month/Year. Also when your battery die it lets you know on the screen so it wont die in the middle of a 50-1 domination on hijacked on black ops 2 -.- But the feel of ps3 controller is sucky in my opinion

Xbox360- I had one it was ok. The online was magnificent again you got what you paid for :O but one thing YOU HAVE TO PAY! Lol Ps3 is cheaper and wii is but the multiplayer gameplay is better. More competitive but with more assholes that like talking trash and loose biggrin The controller feels so good on your hands..No homo lol...Uhmmmmm Yeah what else..Thats It

Wii- It has OK online But Its the least favorite. In the past months a few of my favorite wii multiplayer games closed down such as Monster Hunter Tri.. Fun game Yea R.I.P Isaiah hr 999 c: Hmm waaaht else uh Im not a big fan of the wii tho its kinda slow if you think internet wise. People Hack and Mod on games which makes it to easy to play. Uhm People also can hack your wii and get you banned and after you install Homebrew you void your thingy uhm... YOur insurance or whatever its called (brain fart) Uhm Yea I think Microsoft and Sony Are Winning so far Wii sucks now..
Im just a Playstation fanboy....
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Apparently I'm mostly a sony guy, PS3 is my main system.... but i do dabble slightly in 360 and Wii on occasion

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