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PS3 all the way! GRAN TURISMO 5 and GOD OF WAR FOR THE WIN! GT5 beats forza so much cuz i played forza and its too easy to play.. the physics of every course.. there is soo much gravity.. the angles of the race tracks like nurburging areant realistic compared to the ps3 biggrin .. PS3 going to PS4 all the way
Well according to a poll in Zanda, the best gaming console is PS3. biggrin
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i like the 360 because it out and it hard to chose between to other console that there is itle to no info about
yea first post xd

XBOX 4 LIFEEE pirate pirate
someone should do ps4 vs xbox 720
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well no nintendo launch dates
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I purchased all three knowing I would use them all very frequently.
if I had to choose who won me over the best this generation it would probably be Microsoft.
This is pretty biased however. The reason is due to 90% of my area had people who are
die hard Xbox fans and no one really used a Ps3. I'm not a big fan of PSN regardless
of it being free. The Wii did really well and I loved all the games I chose to play.
Just kind of wished they would have came out with the Wii as the WiiU.

Reason I say this is because the WiiU basically feels like the Wii2.0
Shouldn't Nintendo have tried to make it HD compatible before releasing it?
I guess the tablet is pretty cool.

But yes, over all I feel Microsoft did well this generation. Not just because of titles like
Call of Duty (Not a big fan) but because of the vast and glorious game library.
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heart PS3 heart It's upsetting that Xbox users get updates, new downloadable content, and other such things before PS3 users, but the way I see it is, if I'm already paying my internet bill there should be no reason I should have to pay to go online such as Xbox users do. But with this of course comes the trading of not getting those updates and downloads as fast. I'm a Playstation girl. Always have been and always will be biggrin
ps3 has more definition in brigthness, uncharted, and god of war.
xbox 360 has a better online conection ,more games and cheaper and halo
and wii sucks
According to a poll in Zanda,com, the best gaming console is the PlayStation 3 biggrin
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None of the above
PC all the way, everyday!
A good PC can play more games than any console, most of the games are open source (legal modding ftw!), there are usually more mature communities, games tend to have more content, online games tend to be more accessible etc.
If I had to chose though, I would go with Xbox. PS3 has better graphics and stuff, but Xbox has a better library of games. Some of my favorite games are on Xbox. Wii has some fun games, but I feel like Wii is that friend that you have that never grew up.
In the end, my laptop will bring me much more enjoyment than any console, I mean, I can use the internet from a PC (I can use the internet effectively from a PC. I realize that the consoles usually have some sort of internet application, but they are worse for actually using the internet than my cell phone).
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I would say that the 360 is the best due to its games having less problems then the PS3, and the Wii I think is just for kids mostly.
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I love teh PS3. BEST. CONSOLE. EVAR!
I don't have a PS3 but I have the other two, I love xbox, wii not so much.
well I like the everything you can do online on the xbox 360, but I like the games better on the ps3.

saying that I'd choose to go with the ps3, because game choices are so much more important.

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