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I think Xbox is the best because it has a very good online system, and I know everybody hates that you have to pay for the online and stuff, but it's only 5 dollars a month. You also can't play Halo, Gears, Mass Effect 1, Minecraft, etc on PS3 or Wii. PS3 and Wii are cool though because PS3 has Uncharted 3, and Wii has Mario and Zelda. I just think Xbox is better in general, but they are all great.
ps3 has better exclusive games, but xbox has more. to be honest, i dont really know what the difference is, but im fine with my 360 ^^
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i like the Xbox360 only because i am use to the gaming and what not but i really want to try out the PS3
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ps3 has better exclusive games, but xbox has more. to be honest, i dont really know what the difference is, but im fine with my 360 ^^
I wouldn't consider them to be "better" I just think that their games are different in the audience they are going for. PS3 for instance has a lot more Japanese games than Xbox, Xbox has more shooters, they are all good exclusives, they are just different.
Totally 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scream
I just now noticed 360 got a one year jump on everyone :O Nintendo's returning the favor this year...
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Xbox 360-As far as the system goes little to nothing about it intrigues me, the controller is comfortable, yes. The graphics are decent, haven't HD yet besides on commercials, but even then Shaq looked like he was covered in semen. The only intriguing game for the system in my views is Dead Rising, but that's not even out yet.

Playstation 3-As for the new Sony system I'll give them credit for how good the graphics should be and the design of the console, but that's what anyone should expect with a price tag speculated at nearly $500! As for this system as far as i've seen nothing on the system catches my attention is how gorgeous the games are, eventhough some of them don't look better than some of the stuff out today. my views on the controller; I fear that if I get angry and toss the controller, it might come back and bust me in the mouth.

Revolution-And now Nintendo's new system the Revolution, being the vivid Nintendo fan that I am, I'm eagerly awaiting this console. The design is drop dead beautiful to me, and with the new DS design coming out soon, they can shine together. Like most people, the controller is the main thing that catches my eye with the Revolution, eventhough there were other things with certain similarities to it, this will be the first one for me so it'll be a whole new experience for me as well. The backwards compatibility on the system is amazing, and if I know Nintendo there should be some really original and new types of ideas for the system. Overall this is the next big thing for me, even if I haven't seen a single screenshot of a single game.
did the revolution live up to your expectations?lol lets just wait for the Revolution U xD Ninty will fulfill my HD hungers with this!
I'm an Xbox 360 // PC person. I used to like Playstation 2, but then upon playing Playstation 3, I decided I didn't like the controls.

It isn't much different from Playstations 2, but the Playstation 3 was an invention that shouldn't have happened. The second one was fine in its own right -- it just needed a few updates and it would've been fine.

Wii is mainly for little kids, I've found. The games aren't nearly interesting enough for me to want to actually play it.
I know people are going to get angry but, my opinion is as follows.

As far as the Wii goes, it's a solid system, works fine, has few technical issues, and of course has several exclusive games that range from average to excellent. It's capabilities are not quite on par of the other two but it utilizes motion controls that make their games more enjoyable. This is no more evident than the recent Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move.Also its virtual console has many classic games and a couple of good exclusives.

The 360, to me started off as a joke, the sheer amount of technical issues it has is terrible. Not to mention the poor exclusives, not saying there aren't good games on there, but most of them are poorly constructed clones of games already on the 360,PS3, or Wii. There are also others with problems, Tales of Vesperia is a 360 exclusive in America but in Japan it has a PS3 version with more than twice the content. It apparently has excellent downloadable exclusives but I've never seen one, not that they don't exist but I don't know any names in particular.

The PS3 is my system all the way, it had a poor starting, and had been price a little high, but is now crowning itself king, hence the term "Long Live Play". While it has one or two technical issues there are no big ones, it also has the best capabilities. It's exclusives do depend on your preferences but most of them I find to be pretty damn good. It's downloadable games range from terrible to good, but it makes up for that with releasing psx and ps2 games.

The PC is a superior gaming system but it's downside is it's price. Pick your poison.
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All about the wii. emotion_donotwant emotion_awesome
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I'm still gonna stick up for the Wii and can say that I can't wait for the WiiU. Have fun when the Wii adds everything your other systems have on top of the Wii's superior innovation and games that have a ton more creativity than just killing other people. biggrin
PS3 is the best. If you think Xbox 360 is better then your crazy. Nintendo is ok but not to many good games, PS3 though has a variety of games and games Xbox360 has so pretty much Xbox cant beat PS3. Plus Playstation has been around longer than X box.
I own an Xbox 360 now. I will be buying a Playstation 3 and getting rid of this boring system very soon.
n64 all the way! ;_;....
xbox is cool too.. :>

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