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Xbox 360 dog. whee wink sad surprised eek whee whee whee whee whee whee wink wink wink wink
Xbox 360 in my opinion at least till I try a PS3 fully
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I'm gonna go with wii
360 is the best
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PS3 and Xbox are way more advanced and superior than the Wii, both technologically, fun and game-wise.
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360 i have but i much rather have ps3 that wut i grew up on that my sht loll
i'm just know about PS3 mrgreen xd
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heart I love the Wii a lot, but i also really like ps3. I think they're both good. xbox can go to bleep...
Veras Gunn
Im extatic about all of the potentially great games that are supposed to be coming out on the PS3, but the fact that the PS3 may cost more 400 dollars is quite scaryas is the controller _). The Revolution looks like it has great potential, but there arent even any screenshots of what the games may look like. The Xbox 360 has some great peripherals, the console looks great, and the controller is comfortable, but it lacks a lot of heavy hitters right now.

DISCLAIMER: This post is post is over five years old. It is not recommended that you try and argue about a post that was made before the Wii was called the Wii and when the PS3 had a controller shaped vaguely like a banana because you will just look silly.
yeah but most people like the controller cause it is Easter to control
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Just got done playing a BF3 server TDM. 500 kill lasted more then a half hour.
Took first place
65/57kd with 9100 score.

it was... beautiful...
PS3 all the way!!

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