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Wii came out with Motion Controls and was printing more money faster than they were making Wiis. After the first few lines of production, the games went from the mid-hardcore and hardcore road and fell off the highway into a canyon full of babies and grandmas. Not a single game recently, in my (and yahtzee's) opinion: not even skyward sword, has been worth playing for an average gamer. All games now go to casual gamers; aka people who are not yet old enough, or too old, to cross the road by themselves. People who can't keep up with anything faster than a line of size 25 font passing by them at 2 miles and hour. Nintendo is dead if they keep this up! I don't mind the repitition of re-releasing the SAME Mario, Zelda, etc, games over and over again if they keep a challenge and entertain us, but they haven't been able to do just that! They can't! They've lost their touch for challenge from all those casual games! fighting games? shooting games? Games that need precise timing? Impossible! The wii motion plus doesn't do the job! There is lag time that makes you late no matter what! This will not fly!
Nintendo is LAST on my list!

Xbox360 came out with decently fast gaming production of half-average games to pick it up. These games came out often enough so we don't get bored and at least worth 2/5 stars but no more than maybe 4/5 stars, maybe averaging on a bit LESS than 3.5/5. But this is the starting line right? Not too bad! Now the problem is that they started there, but never changed a bloody thing! I'd say none of their games have become worth anything near a 5/5 star rating. I don't see anything that might be worth more than 2 looks at most. Judging it by it's own merits of following the Wii and making Kinect, I'd say it sold its integrity and dignity just trying to make a profit. Bad move! People want to play a game to unwind! Escape reality! Not to be limited by the laws of physics while flailing their arms like an air traffic controller covered in beetles! To play or even talk to friends online, you must pay for a gold membership, but at least you can do this stuff without a handbook explaining every step(complaints on the Wii)! Don't forget the RROD! D<
Xbox360 goes SECOND on my list!

PS3 was a slow little thing when it came out wasn't it? It barely had any releases, but their releases were worth a bit more than the Xbox360's. Now-adays, there is no problem with releases. All systems are releasing games at a similar enough pace for no one to care if one is falling behind. One thing stands out is that the PS3 is more dependable than the others. The controller itself if more superior to the Xbox360's oddly shaped, non-symmetrical remote and it can include motion controls without every making you struggle, unless you are extremely unorganized, to enjoy it! Online play is free and aside from the PSN getting hacked by Luigi using the death note (FTW btw), it is fairly reliable and I prefer it over the XBLA. PS3 and PSN exclusive games are worth something, InFamous, compared to many of the Xbox360 and XBLA exclusives. There is no point of arguing which are better because in both sides, there are many of the same games and for the real exclusives, there are enough bad ones on both sides anyway. I condemn the PS3 the same way I condemn the Xbox360 for going into motion controls copying the Wii for profit by making MOVE! A DEMAND more than a game mind...
PS3 also goes SECOND on my list!

i love it all
Wii shouldn't even be compared to Xbox360 and PS3, it's more family based than the other two. Atleast that's what i think, each console has something about it that's better than the other.
Hey! Xbox 360 never got hacked :p Plus I bought a Pro refurbished 2 years ago. And sometimes Ill fall asleep and itll go ALL night. And it still never freezes more then my Ps3. No red ring of death so far: screw the new design. Heard its wack.
I know in my personal opinion the Xbox 360 is the best. I have had all the systems and the Xbox is what I enjoy playing the most.
pa3 is the best
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helloooo visit me aquarium ;P
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my opinion is both are awesome but i have xbox and my brother has ps3 but xbox has way more games my gamertag is tj8999
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XBOX, PS3, Wii. Why can't they all be one system?
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I like the Wii, but it's probably because it's what I started out on.
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You would think peolpe would know by now who is the winner after all these years.......
i have to say Xbox 360
yes you have to pay for the online but because we dso it allows us to have a hell of a lot better stability and also better game play

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