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all honesty theres only a couple games on xbox 360 that might look better in hdmi than a ps3 ive owned both and played them on hdmi but there are also games on the ps3 that blow xbox outa the water with how smooth the graphics are when ur runnin quickly around crap that has alot of details and things or when ur lookin at water and expect some reflection of something in it i havent seen that to much yet in xbox games but they do have some detail to them
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HAH! GAMING PCs FTW! > biggrin
I have had every single gaming platform this generation. Sans PC, PC's don't count unless you wanna count in generations of graphic cards etc, but come on.

They're all okay. I find myself playing the Sony items more so though, because my friends also have them and some of the games specific to those platforms cater to my interests more than the other platforms, however I will admit that I have forgotten about my Wii for a while, same for my DS.

Halo Reach is p. cool though.
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I grew up on the Nintendo gaming franchise, so I think it's only natural that I typically prefer games on that platform. PlayStation's in a close second since whatever Nintendo doesn't have available, PlayStation usually does. I've seen a few XBox-only games that looked interesting, but not enough for me to buy the console.
360 is the best. I don't own nor will I ever own a ps3
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I like the Xbox 360 and PS3. Since I'm really into the final fantasy series. (7,8,9,10,10-2,12,13 and can't wait for the next one. =3.)
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I don't think any one of the three is the greatest and the best (not that anybody amongst my friends cares! And call me noob cus I own an xbox, but why should I care a about ps3 if I only play on a console every now and then?)

To clarify
I have the impression PS3 targets the more hardcore and a little more mature gamer (my friends would give me the wrong impression LOLS)
the hardware is highest end on the market forcing games to have a better quality in graphs and s**t (and yay for blue ray reader cus of FFXIII) on the other hand since licensing on games has become less bound to the PS since this generation it doesn't offer a greater or better library of games. So pro the hardware (and graphs something I love if I get the chance to play a little on a ps3. I'm a bit of an artist)

With the xBox this get a tiny little bit more casual. Same with PS3 Little exclusive and the ones that are exclusive feel a little tooooooooo manly (no offence meant and I might be wrong since I didn't check really recently) the hardware is average lowering the cost of purchasing the system a bit. What did speak against it were allot of hardware problems shortly after release. Anyway this ones pro definitely cost. Which is why I picked this one because I'm not a hardcore console player.

then we have the little one out the Wii. It's obvious that Nintendo pretty much gave up on the console war for the real gamers and decided to go for the casual games and party games. So if you're having a party this ones fun, if you're friends aren't all stiff idiots that don't know how to have fun... This ones pro is just it's target group. Though i do think that the motion tech can still improve loads. This one gets me frustrated too often. Also my mom (a prominent puzzler you know the type) is always asking me why I didn't buy this one xD. Hmm I think I have a half decent answer now

is that a decent equal comparison? or anybody want to point out something I didn't get straight?

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