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Like, what type of games do you like?

I enjoy games that include shooting, slashing with swords, smashing, killing, zombies, demons and stuff. I'm not really into games like Call of Duty Black Ops or Modern Warfare. I used to like halo but not anymore. r wr
I love games that actually have a story to it. I like being surprised during games. I find most first person games and third person games fun. I love creating characters too. I especially dig games with supernatural things such as Nephilims, Gods, etc. Devil May Cry would definitely play as a good example for that. It's totally badass and I loved every minute of it. I don't like predictable games, games that make no sense, games for babies like Dora or some s**t, games where you can't really do anything but read and watch and you have to manually pick every move whenever you fight. Or those games that have that thing where whenever you bump into an enemy a fight initiates, and I DEFINITELY DO NOT LIKE RACING GAMES. I just really don't. Because no. Barf

I'm an Assassin's Creed fan. I'm not as much as I was before. :/


How about you?
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I enjoy kingdom hearts games, final fantacy, black ops, medal of honor, racing games, sims. All sorts of stuff.
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I like fantasy and full immersion within the game that I play via some semblance of choice and character customization. I also like games in which I have multiple options in terms of play style, like whether I'd rather be a mage, warrior, rogue, healer, and so on. Feeling like I'm actively involved is a big plus for me. That said, I'm also a fan of stealth games that don't involve much fighting at all, and the occasional puzzle or horror game. My FAVORITE games tend to be the ones that combine all or most of these aspects into one.

Not a huge platformer fan, and unless your gameplay is FANTASTIC, I tend not to like games without some sort of an overarching plot. Even if it's a crappy plot, give me SOME reason that I'm doing this stuff. Make me feel important, even if it's only in my head!
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I am addicted to Raising Sims. Monster Rancher, Princess Maker, Tokimemo GS, iDOLM@STER. I just freaking love them so much.

And I love RPGs in general, both western and Japanese.
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I like pretty much any game with zombies in it too. Also like stuff like Portal, Bioshock, Dead Space, Fallout 3, Borderlands 2, etc.
i enjoy all and any type of games EXCEPT

1. sports games (you know the ones im talking about)
2. racing simulators
3. fighting games (slow paced 3D ones to be exact)

maybe im forgetting something but as long as a game doesn't fall into one of these categories its ok (assuming the game itself doesn't blow)
I absolutely love RPGs, be it Western or Japaneese. I tend to lean towards JRPGs, however. Customization is a feature I absolutely adore. I love being able to traverse the world as a character I made. Story also is very important to me.
I am also a fan of good old action and platforming games.

In summary most of the time I play videogames for an invigorating experience inside a new world, while sometimes I just want to beat the living crap out of everything.
I am a social gamer. I enjoy playing games with other people. Usually playing co-op rather than competitive games though.
I favor story/art-based games. I usually go for either fantasy or sci-fi, and rarely any other genre.
Basically I play games for story, concept art, background art, and music. But primarily for story. (which means I also usually set things to an easier difficulty, lol)
Sandbox is a big bonus to me. I love being able to just wander off from the main path and explore around on my own and do what I want, but I can still appreciate a linear game if the story draws me in enough.

I'm not really a big fan of a challenge, or games that have little point to it (in my opinion)
and usually if it's not sci-fi or fantasy it just cant grasp my interest.

Also I hate playing with other people and usually avoid doing so (though when I do play with people, I play co-op only. I dont even touch competitive)
I like jrpgs (or any rpgs that don't use first-person view), platformers, puzzles, racing, and certain fighting games. I just can't seem to get the hang of shooter games. First person view aside (gives me headaches, I really can't play any games that exclusively use this feature. Even in third person, If the character takes up too much of the screen, I can still get dizzy from it), I have difficulty remembering what buttons do what, and I haven't play a shooter game that goes easy enough on me long enough for me to get the hang of it.
I still remember trying to play 007 with a friend. We played on easy. I kept dying without getting a single shot....
I like games that are competitive and have lots of customization.
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I enjoy games with immersive storylines and a strong emphasis on team play and tactical thinking.

Games like EVE Online and Planetside 2.
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I enjoy JRPGs, Puzzle games and Beat-Em-Up games, granted i like the characters and story if it has any
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everything really, it's hard to find a genre that I don't play...except bioware games, to much talking not enough happening
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I'm pretty much play anything but sports and FPS (I want try one just haven't bought one yet.)

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