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Maybe Dead Space. It had scare and gross-out moments. I recently played Cryostasis. That game feels very real while you're navigating through this ship, and when you're so sucked into it, an enemy suddenly popping out, even immediately after a flashback would make me jump.User Image
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Zered Heizien
Zered Heizien
no game has ever 'scared' me past age 10.

Well that's boring. >_> lol
If I didn't think a game was freaky at all I doubt I'd play it lol

well, maybe Chaos Wars' english dub.
that s**t was scary as hell.

That's the spirit ^.^
I'd say Fatal Frame/Resident evil 1. Only reason i say resident evil 1 is because I was 7 when i played it mainly because I sort of "smuggled" it from a CD case in the living room and placed in my PS1. Played it, then got scared mainly because of the zombie groans, and the I didn't like the idea of having my throat getting torn. virtual or real.
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Oh and Carrier for the Dreamcast. THAT game was scary as hell. It was only for the dreamcast so i doubt many people know of it but man it pretty freaky at some points.
call of cthulhu - the whole atmosphere of the game freaks you out, and any game thats begins with the main character hanging themself for no apparent reason really sets the tone of the game, then theres the tutorial that may not ever have happened

Eternal darkness Sanity's requiem - the game sends you mad seriously you start to doubt your self, the game extends beyond the screen, theres a sanity system it begins with mysterious sounds of enemies about, then you might find yourself walking into a room that doesnt exsist or walking out one door and back into the same room again, you might walk through a door and find there is nothing the other side. as it carries on it gets worse, think you TV turning on an off your gamecube turning on and off, disc errors controller errors, memory card problems, even the memory card deleting all you data, blood soaked rooms, phantom children and many more sanity effects, the game makes you doubt yourself so much. Then theres some amazing storries there that all link together along with a few good shocks along the way.

Fear 2, ive only played the demo but being attacked randomly by ghosts is damn freaky, then theres the fact you never know if its a harmful ghost or one that will help you somehow
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fatal frame,it really makes me scream so loud!!!
Dead Space...
if demos r allowed then F.E.A.R. 2...If not then RE5, I was always creeped out when I was playing on Ship Deck with my sis stare . The Chainsaw Majini chases me everywhere gonk
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Every single Amnesia game....
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Fatal Frame

I ran out of film though and couldn't find anymore so I gave up o.e
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Resident Evil: Code Veronica on DC.
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Fatal Frame and Amnesia, did finish them both though, screaming like hell sometimes lol...
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amnesia gonk

I can't play it. I gave it an honest try. it made me paranoid for a week.
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Silent Hill, tried to play it once but I chickened out sweatdrop

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