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I couldn't quite specify my intention in the title due to lack of room, so....

What Japanese made game, Old and New, do you wish would be available in the USA?

I'm sure some of you have said, "Damn! I wish they'd release 'THIS' in America/English." This thread is just to gather a list of games that gamers were hoping would make it over here.

Though I think Gaia might stop this if people posted H-games or X-games, I'd say go ahead and say em anyways until such time someone in charge says, "Stop posting pervert games."
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I've always wished that the Secret of Mana sequel had been edited into English, and I've been wanting to play the Another Century series.
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Super robot wars.
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More Monster Hunter games.
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Sengoku BASARA HD Collection
Tales of Innocence
Tales of Rebirth
Tales of Hearts
Radiant Mythology 2/3
Samurai Warriors 3 for PS3
Mana Khemia 2 Portable
Okay there's a lot.
I forgot what its called but essentially you play as animals in abandoned tokyo just doing animal stuff like foraging, surviving and increasing your population into little groups to level up to another animal/difficulty
Tales of Rebirth
Tales of Vs
Tales of Destiny II
Tales of Innocence R
Tales of Vesperia PS3
Namco X Capcom
Pandora's Tower
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Super robot wars.

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis, so much.
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The Blueseed RPG and the rest of the Dai Senryaku Exceed series
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Super robot wars.

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Super robot wars.

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Monster Hunter 3G for 3ds. ;o;

Well, Europe too obv.
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Final Fantasy Type-0.

God it would be a dream coming true.
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Seiken Densetsu 3
Bahamut Lagoon
Tales of Rebirth
Tales of Destiny 2 (the REAL one.)
The PS1 version of Tales of Phantasia (because the GBA version is crap.)
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere
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