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Post like this:

*Name (On Gaia)


*Describe saddest moment.

*Video of the moment
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Wheezing Gekko

Klonoa's 2 ending.

And ******** your post layout, I do what I want. mad
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Klonoa's 2 ending.

And ******** your post layout, I do what I want. mad

I agree, ******** that post layout.

Lavitz death in LoD (Legend of Dragoon)
The entirety of Spec Ops: The Line
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Mitsunari's Red Route ending in Sengoku BASARA 3 was pretty damn depressing for me.

And also it would have to be when Sceptile sacrificed himself in Pokemon Mystery dungeon explorers of time
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Well one time I was playing pokemon mystery dungeon on my gba, and I was a charmander from the future and my partner was a meowth... well at the end of the game my charmander started to disappear and the meowth was really sad and then I got really sad..... emotion_8c
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The death of The Boss in MGS3 was pretty shitty.
Then things just got worse from there.

Ol' Big Boss can never catch a break.
Ninja Crash40
The entirety of Spec Ops: The Line

♠ Not so much as sad but rather having the overwhelming need to kill yourself
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Yeah, don't wanna abide by the post layout either. No one has said this yet, but the death of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII always makes me feel sad. confused
When Fi goes to sleep forever inside the Master Sword.
Mordin Solace dying in ME3, i had gained so much respect for him in 2 and his actions in 3 made my respect for him soar pretty dang high, but it was also sad.
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The end of the Walking Dead game..i am not going to say what it is because some people havent played it, and those who had played it, you know what i am talking about
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Ending of Zelda Twilight Princess.
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The end of the Walking Dead game..

Oh geez. You nailed it.
I cried so hard. ;^;

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