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a fun pastime
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A grammatical error.
An addiction.
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Gaming to me is an art it is entertainment, it a way to relive stress, and its an education tool.

Gaming to me is thought provoking and it can do so many things... There are fun games , there are gripping games, there are sad games, and their are boring games.

Games can be more than just for fun... There is one out now that actually tries to mimic what PTSD is like, and create tat kind of feeling for the player... I wouldn't say having PTSD is fun. On the other hand there are games like Sam and Max, which does adult cartoon humor. The End of "Sam and Max" though is pretty sad and even manages to trough in some deep thought food in it towards the end of the game.

Not just is it art or entertainment... it can also be a sport... yes a sport. Chess can be considered a sport to some and to me gaming is. With games that focus on developing a skill to it like Mount and Blade or War of the Rose, ranging to a variety of strategy games and arcade/action titles.

Gaming to me is a super media, a media that I do not think will be surpassed for quite a while to come.I think it has some growing to do, but gaming will continue to grow and be a favorite of many years into the future, just like music, books, movies, and television before it. this i because it manages to combine them all and yet stand on its own. and yes I do mean them all... even books.
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Expectation: Fun entertainment for everyone.

And then there's that one guy standing in the corner, who has no idea what any of this means and is going like this:

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Gaming to me is a release from the real world, a kill or be killed world where killing is legal (except Saint's Row, GTA, The Godfather and Mafia)
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gaming is a getaway from everything,just you and a controller/handheld and the world within.
A way to relieve the stress that you acumulated during the day.
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Achievements xD
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To me, it is the following:

1. A hobby. Something to do when you're bored.
2. A way to kill some time, especially before you go to work or waiting for someone.
3. A way to escape reality. Sometimes you just want to fly or perform magic.
4. A way to relieve stress.
crush your enemies/win/get better/inspiration/aspiration/etc...
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A way to connect with friends, explore new worlds, live a fantasy, and escape this messed up world of our own.
Gaming is playing games. Period. If you enjoy it, call yourself a gamer. Too many people get wrapped up in the labeling, especially the "hardcore" vs. "casual". And there's just no point.

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